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by Staff Writer / New York Islanders

When did you start skating?

I started skating when I was 3 and playing when I was 5. Typical Canadian.

Do you remember your first game in the NHL?

The thing that sticks out in my mind the most was going out on the ice for warm-ups. The buzz was incredible. During the game, I didn’t fight as well as I should have. I wish I had done better.

Why did you choose this number?

I didn’t choose it. Bogsy gave it to me.
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Favorite place to play?

Besides the Coliseum, I like Toronto… but I really like Vancouver.

Who was your toughest NHL fight against?

Boogard, without a doubt. I was really doing well until that last shot and he took me down.

What advice do you give to kids playing hockey?

Work hard, don’t give up, show respect for others, be punctual. Score goals.

What kind of player did Trevor see himself becoming when he was young?

I was actually a defenseman all growing up. I tried to mold my game back then into a Scott Stevens type guy and also Bob Rouse; a stay at home, physical tough defenseman. I actually got to meet Scott last year. Great guy. When we played against Jersey last year he signed a jersey for me. He is definitely my favorite player besides Bob Probert, obviously I’ve always liked him. He’s the best fighter ever.

What do you think of the Islander season so far, besides the 4 game losing streak. Where do you think this team stands?

Obviously we came out of the gates real nice. We’ve had a few tough games here but I had a great practice today and the mood is good in the room. We’re working hard, we’ve got a great group of guys, we’re gonna turn it around here in the next few road games then we go back home for Philly. I’m really excited about the season. It’s a marathon not a sprint. We have a great group of young guys and a lot of talent in that room. Our goal is to make the playoffs. It’s a goal I think is very attainable and one that we’re gonna do.

Were you always a fighter as a hockey player?

No, I was not. I used to score goals a lot when I was young and then I moved to defense because I was a big kid, I grew really fast. I’ve been pretty much chuckin’ the knuck since I was 15 so I don’t really know any different now.

What was your favorite team before you joined the islanders?

Obviously, being from the Toronto area I liked the Leafs but I was kind of a Bruins fan when I was young to be honest. I used to love Jay Miller and used to love Ray Bourque.

How do you feel about them now?

Oh, they’re the enemy. Come on! The Islanders are the only team in my mind.

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