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Too Much Information?

by Jesse D. Eisenberg / New York Islanders

From the size of the beds, to the quality of in-room-dining, to the variety of fine restaurants and shopping within walking distance, everyone on the Islanders has his own reason for choosing his favorite road hotel.

Complementary breakfasts and plush linens aside, I’ve found one criterion to consistently be the most telling of the quality of our accommodations; the opulence of the bathroom.

If a hotel’s bathroom is housing a three-foot tall waterfall for a sink with an airplane jet for a hand dryer, there’s a pretty good chance the room-service, bedding and lobby coffee shop are also going to be top notch.

Today in Atlanta I’ve encountered the third best bathroom (and thus, hotel) of the season.

If you’re still reading, I’ll assume you’ll appreciate a full breakdown, not only of the Atlanta bathroom, but of this season’s top three.

3. Atlanta: While the fancy sink (pictured) and the second full-sized vanity outside of the main washroom are nice, what really sets Atlanta apart is the endless supply of complementary goodies. Every hotel provides your basic toiletries (soap, shampoo, conditioner and a shower cap), but no place else stocks its washrooms like Atlanta. The freebies include a lint roller, comb, nail file, shave kit, dental kit, cotton swabs, Q-tips, laundry kit, stain remover, nail polish remover, shoehorn, shoeshine supplies, and (best of all) a card with detailed instructions for a complementary shoe shine. There’s also both bar soap AND shower gel, for those of us who like options.

2. Carolina: Our hotel in Raleigh earned a spot on the list with one remarkable gimmick – it has a T.V. in the mirror. IN THE MIRROR! It looks like an ordinary bathroom with a full-sized mirror along the wall, and a seemingly out-of-place remote control on the countertop. Once you inevitably grow curious enough to hit the power button, a 20 inch screen pops up in the anti-fogging mirror, complete with cable and premium channels. There’s nothing like watching ESPN in the shower.

1. Boston: The largest bathroom on this list features a Jacuzzi tub, a high-powered telescope facing Boston Harbor, and the undisputed best shower in the league. The studio apartment-sized shower features five shower heads; one right where you’d expect it, three in a vertical row on the, and one massive shower head directly above you. The floor is comprised of hundreds of heated, polished stones. After about two hours, when you finally bring yourself to step out of the best shower of your life, you can dry off with a corner view of the harbor. Just be sure to cover up in front of those floor-to-ceiling windows.
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