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by Staff Writer / New York Islanders
Fans across North America reach out to Kevin Colley

More than 1,000 hockey fans have already sent us emails to relay to injured Islanders forward Kevin Colley. Here is the first in a series of your letters. We know Kevin is reading.
As a big fan of your Dad and the New Haven Nighthawks,  I have watched your career as if you were a member of my extended family. I wish you a speedy recovery and will be looking forward to your return. God bless you. Your friends in New Haven are thinking of you.

Pat Redding


I had the pleasure of watching your Dad play in New Haven and then you here in Bridgeport.  After 30 years of watching AHL hockey I was thrilled to see you get called up.  Your effort and grit are a pleasure to watch. Can't wait to see you back in an Islander uniform!

Tony Cardiff

Not only do I respect your exploits on the ice, but I also respect  you as a person. On September 10,2005, I was covering Islanders Prospect Camp  for my College Newspaper and I really wanted to get some quotes from the  players. I'll always remember you  because you were the first guy to really give me a chance to talk to ya. I just want to thank you for helping a young journalist write one of his first big stories. I came all the way out from Brooklyn to see you guys that day and you made it worthwhile by just being a nice  guy. Simply put, they don't make players like you anymore.

Patrick Hickey Jr
Scepter Newspaper


I am sorry for what happened to you - I was watching the game on NHL Center Ice here in Salt Lake City, Utah. I took heart that they were able to take you safely off of the ice and that the operations have been successful. I found myself immediately praying for your safety and well being. I trust that it will work out for the best and hope to see you on the ice again soon. Thank you so very much for playing with an edge and being so willing to leave it on the ice, every shift, every game. God bless you and your family.

Robert A. Mims
Kevin Colley and Islanders Fan

Your determination in the NHL as a player displays the type of person you are, I'm sure you'll make a complete recovery!! Hope you are felling well, and hope to hear you are able to to have full mobility without any pain. Take Care and get well soon.

Arnie # 62

Missed you out on the ice the past games. Really missed listening for the crash of thud everytime you hit someone on ice. Everyone knew when you were on the ice when they heard "the sound". You brought hard hitting, talent and so much electricity to the team every time you had a shift and just like the rest of the fans, I miss seeing you out there. It's amazing the connections and feelings that fans have towards players. You're obviously one of them. All my best to a speedy recovery man. Can't wait to see you back in action.


I really think that you are one of the  most exciting players to watch on the Islanders.  The way you come  out onto the ice and hit the nearest thing on skates is just plain  awesome.  There is no denying the size of your heart and I wish  you a speedy recovery and hope you come back as soon as you can.   I believe I speak for us Islander fans when I say that you are by far  one of the more popular players on the team.  Get well soon!

Kevin Dougherty
Wading River, NY


Hello my name is Dylan and i am a college student here in New York. I Just wanted to email you to send you my best wishes and tell you that my prayers are with you. You are a great inspiration and im sure you will pull through.

Dylan G. Rosenberg

I wanted to tell you to FEEL BETTER, and we miss your heart and soul on the ice!!!! Your hard work and dedication for the Islanders was truly inspirational!  But at the end of the day your health and family are so much more important than hockey. You should be proud of yourself!!  We are!!!

Adam S
New Jersey


My name is Debbie, I'm 22 years old and a TRUE Islanders fan!  I saw the Washington game and was so upset when you got hurt!  You've been such a great asset to the team ­ you refuse to be intimidated by any jerk on ANY team, and you always go all out in every hit or fight!  Every time you were on the ice, I knew something exciting would happen.  Since you are only two years older than me, I was especially scared when I heard you broke your neck.  But luckily you are young, strong, and most importantly DETERMINED, and we all know you will be feeling so much better before you know it!  We are all missing you and you are in my thoughts.  Please take care of yourself and don't let ANYTHING get you down, cuz you ROCK man!

Debbie Lee

As a Bridgeport resident I've had the opportunity to see you skate in more games then I can count.  I've never seen a player display the courage, determination and heart that you do in every game you play. Get well soon. We all miss you.

John Sorel
Bridgeport, CT


My 14 year old son and hockey player Anthony and I are standing by you 100 % My wife and  have been Islanders Fans since 79 and Anthony since he was a baby. We are praying for you in every way possible. Your work ethic, courage and determination are an inspiration to all of us. Hang in there NEVER give up, and keep your head held high. Kevin, remember that dream you had as a child to play hockey. Reach for the stars. And we are there to support you no matter what happens.

Hal, Lorraine and Anthony Bleiweiss
Huntington Station, NY


Our thoughts are prayers are with you for a full and complete recovery and thank you for all the heart and character you have always brought in your career. It's a honor to have you wearing our teams colors.

Queens, NY


The work ethic that you bring to the Islanders is something every team wants to have. I know everyone in the Islander organization and fans like me wish you the best recovery possible, that is to play again and with the passion that you express. We all know you will.

New Jersey


Wishing a speedy recovery to a guy who was well on his way to making his mark on the Isles. It's nice to see someone who remembers that hitting is allowed in hockey. If you like the sound of your name being chanted throughout the Coliseum, keep up the same game.

Scott Schenendorf


I hope that you are feeling better!  You are so brave to be going through this and I hope you know you are greatly missed!  Our prayers are with you and we are all hoping for your speedy recovery.


Just wanted to say it was great meeting you at the season ticket event they held in January. I hope you enjoyed the Tshirt we brought down for you and Eric. Anyway, I really hope things pan out. You've proven alot to the team and the fans this year(and thats no easy task on Long Island where the fans can really get agressive). We miss you and hope to see you play again.

Your friend/fan,
Joe DeSantis

Just wanted to let you know you are in the thoughts and prayers of all us Islander fans. Since your first game up with the team, you have showed nothing but hard work and determination in the way you play. As an Islander fan I want you to know we all appreciate that and the way you give us something to cheer for each game. You're the type of player that we want and are proud to have wearing the Isles jersey, and during your recovery you will definitly be missed even more than you are now. All us fans look forward to your healthy return and wish the best to you and your family during this time. Thankyou for the way you play the game and Get Well soon so we can continue cheering you on.

Brittany D'Erasmo

From the minute you were called up to the Islanders, you've been giving it your all and bring much needed energy to the team. A native New Yorker, I remember seeing you play for the Syracuse Crunch and was excited when I found out you'd be playing on the Island. I really hope you have a speedy recovery and your fans look forward to seeing you back on the ice soon.

Dave Pieklik
Citrus Springs, FL


My son and I have had the pleasure of meeting you on several occasions.  You are his favorite and always will be.  You took the time to sign several things for him and i thank you for that. Congratulations on fulfilling your goal of being an NHL player, you became a very important part of the islanders. You are in our prayers.

Julius and Julian Perino


My girlfriend and I just want you to know that you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. You have made an impact, not just on us, but on all Islanders fans. In just a short time, you brought so much energy to the team and you brought even more energy to all those that watched you. We sincerely hope that you have a quick and healthy recovery. We wish you all the best and hope to see you back in the orange and blue very very soon!

Andrew Nasser & Christina Russo

A long time ago (not in a galaxy far far away), I was a young teenager who got to watch #9 Tom Colley lead the New Haven Nighthawks to many victories and now my family and I get to watch his son Kevin now do the same with the Sound Tigers and Islanders. Get well soon and God Bless.

Novicki Family
West Haven, CT


I have seen you play on both the Islanders and Sound Tigers, and in my opinion, you are a truly incredible player. Very few players are willing to give so much effort on every shift, and even as a rookie, that enabled you to become a leader, setting a great example for your teammates. I hope you have a speedy recovery because I can't wait to see you out on the ice again. You are in the thoughts and hearts of all Islander fans.

Justin Aaron

Hey Captain,
Hope to see your smiling face soon, Bus trips are quiet without you. If you  need anything don't hesitate to ask.
Your favorite Bus driver,


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