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The Islanders 7th Woman: Dee Karl

by Andrew LeRay / New York Islanders
Dee Karl accidentally became a hockey fan in 1990, and 20 years later she is the self-titled “Islanders’ 7th Woman.”

“I owned a bar and I needed sports on the television,” said Karl.  “My bartender said, ‘Why don’t you try this? We turned on hockey and I fell madly in love.”
Already a devoted fan of figure skating, Karl’s admiration for the game of hockey has since progressed from her days as owner of the Wine Barrel in Babylon Village.  Her passion for the Islanders runs deep, and she considers herself to be more of a storyteller than a reporter.
“I’m not a technical writer, I’m an emotional writer,” said Karl. “I make sure that everyone knows I’m not a journalist, I’m a storyteller.  It’s the most passionate game on earth, and it has the most passionate fans.  That’s what I try to bring out.”
A publishing house accountant by day, Karl is married with a teenage daughter and now lives in Suffolk County.  She still finds time to attend nearly every Islanders home game in order to strengthen her blog, which she sees as a platform for something bigger.
“I have a plan, a dream,” said Karl.  “The whole point of the blog is that I do have a book in my head.  There’s a book in my head that’s trying to be written, and everyday I put more pieces of the puzzle together. 
She hopes the book can be the story of her journey “from the couch to the press box.”
“It’s a very unusual journey for anyone, but especially for somebody who didn’t go to school for journalism,” said Karl.
In addition to administrating her own blog, Karl is the Islanders correspondent for, a position she has held since 2009.  While at first she was hesitant to accept her assignment at Hockey Buzz, the site’s founder convinced her to give it a try.  She has remained one of the site’s top contributors. It was writing for HockeyBuzz that enabled her to secure what other bloggers wish they could have - a credential and access to the team. She hopes that the exposure she has gained from her work there and at “Islanders’ 7th Woman” can perhaps lead to a career in hockey writing.

“I’ll watch anyone play, it doesn’t have to be the Islanders” said Karl.  “I would enjoy being a little more well known and have more of a voice in the sport.”
Visitors to Karl’s blog will notice that not every entry or picture is hockey related.  By her own admission, Karl indeed has another passion in her life besides her family and hockey.
Occasionally I’ll throw in a recipe, yes, I am that bad. My second love is cooking, so if you check the blog there are sometimes recipes of some of the fabulous stuff that I make. - Dee Karl
“Occasionally I’ll throw in a recipe, yes, I am that bad,” said Karl.  “My second love is cooking, so if you check the blog there are sometimes recipes of some of the fabulous stuff that I make.”
Now in her fourth season as an official Islanders Blog Box member, Karl has seen firsthand the evolution of the blogger. 
“At first, bloggers were looked at by the mainstream media as second class citizens and were not respected,” said Karl.  “After a while, they realized that while we might not have a paycheck coming in like they do, we take it just as seriously if not more so”
The Blog Box has given Karl’s blog a chance to grow much quicker by giving her access to the press box and the locker room after games; a privilege she does not take for granted.

To read her blog Click Here.
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