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The Ice Girls new look

by Cory Wright / New York Islanders

There’s a new look floating around Nassau Coliseum these days. It’s black, orange, grey and blue, cuts across diagonally, and is laced with sequins. After the successful debut of the Islanders third jersey on Wednesday night, the Ice Girls are ready to wear their new matching outfits on the ice. 

The Islanders Ice Girls join their Islanders brothers as they debut a new third outfit on Nov. 23 as the Isles host the Philadelphia Flyers. The skirt and top combination includes the same new color scheme, but with a few additions and alterations.

“I love them,” Ice Girl Stephanie said. “When we skate, they flow with the wind and when we spin they look really beautiful. I’m excited to wear them on the ice and show them off.”

She compared the new cut of the skirts to figure skating attire rather than the blue cheerleader cut the girls had been wearing. The girls will wear necklaces with an Islanders logo and they traded in their white boots for a matching black.

“I never would have expected New York Islanders Ice Girls to be in the color black,” Ice Girl Ashleen said. “Normally, you would think orange and blue, but I do like them. The top is really nice and will be exciting for fans to see.”

Angela King designed the new look for the Ice Girls, adding more sequins, a belt and patches on both shoulders. The letters NYI fall off of the left shoulder, while the Islanders logo is on their right.

The Ice Girls will still wear their other two uniforms, but they are excited for the debut on Nov. 23 and their coach, Linda Beach, thinks it’ll be a real winner.

“The girls love it and I think it’s going to look sharp and I think it’ll be a big wow.”

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