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Tales of YES votes at Jackson Ave. Elementary School in Mineola

by Brian Croce / New York Islanders
At Jackson Avenue school, voters entered the cafeteria a few at a time to cast their votes. Here are some of the folks who voted yes.

Cora Hickey - Mineola

"I voted yes because I believe Long Island needs a new arena. I am a Ranger fan who believes we need a new arena. It’s a disgrace how bad it is. It’s an NHL team that should have something that is going to compete with the rest of the league. It (a new arena) will bring jobs and revenue to the county."

I’ve lived in Mineola all of my life. I’m five minutes from the Coliseum, so it’s always been very convenient for me to go there as opposed to going to The Garden. I was shocked when I went to the Coliseum for an Islanders game recently at how bad it was, how bad the conditions were and how run down the place was. There’s really no excuse for that. I am definitely for the vote and I hope it passes."

John Cloghessy - Mineola
"I am voting yes primarily because - while we have the highest taxes in the country - the economy could use this boost, based on what they’re telling us it will mean for the county.

I think it’s (the Coliseum) a tremendous social center because of not only the professional hockey team, but concerts and other events that it brings to the area. There’s not another venue of that size around here.

Frank McGuinness, Mineola
"I supported it (the new arena). I am in the construction business and I want to see us get work, get business out here and keep the Islanders."

"It will mean revenue for the county first of all. I think it will bring more businesses and more people here, and we need that money money.
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