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Rules of the Road: Josh Bailey

by Cory Wright / New York Islanders

There are rules to traveling with an NHL team, both written and unwritten, and there are consequences for breaking those rules.

Experience is often the best teacher, as these Islanders have found out over the years.

For Josh Bailey, he learned how much a replacement passport costs in his first season with the team back in 2008.

“At the time I lived in a house with Okie (Kyle Okposo), Bruno Gervais, Tim Jackman and Nate Thompson. We were about to head out on a Canadian road trip, so that morning I was yelling out to all the guys, “don’t forget your passport!”

From our house we were about a 25-minute drive from the airport and on that morning, we were cutting it close and just going to be there on time for the flight.

We get roughly three quarters of the way there and it hits me. That sense that something’s missing.

Oh no, I forgot my passport. After being the guy telling everyone to not forget theirs.

So we turned around and drove all the way back. We wound up being 30 minutes late for the plane and all five of us got fined. Because it was my fault, I had to pay all of the fines and made everyone else wait on the plane.

It happens to the best of us. You set an alarm on PM instead of AM, forget stuff like that.

Everyone’s good about it, but they gave me crap about it for a while. Paying the fine was really the punishment, but I’ve never forgotten my passport since."


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