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by Jason Lockhart / New York Islanders
A memorable night for Islanders season ticketholders at Shea Stadium

Hockey season might be gearing up, but for one September night, the Islanders had a special connection with baseball. As one of the many perks to being a season ticketholder, all Islanders NYI365 members received a complimentary ticket to last night’s crucial Mets game against the Washington Nationals at Shea Stadium.

Over 6,000 strong, the Islanders season ticketholder contingent made themselves seen and heard on a night when the Mets, unfortunately, lost a 9-6 decision. But the loss didn’t dampen the spirits of a pro-Islanders crowd that is only days away from seeing the Islanders hit the ice.

Prior to the game, some charter subscribers since 1972 and their families were honored by the Mets for their longtime dedication to the Islanders’ organization. John Ritter, Stan Pesner and his daughters, Lewis Kopp and his family, as well as Artie Harroun and his daughters, made their way onto the field before the opening pitch for an experience they’ll never forget.

“It was a thrill of a lifetime to be on the stadium field,” said Ritter. “It was a tremendous fan-building experience seeing the camaraderie between the Islanders and Mets.”

The Islanders set up a table on the concourse at field level, promoting the team to a new generation of Islanders fans. Even NYI365 members were recruiting to help drive ticket sales at the Nassau Coliseum.

But for much of the game, the Islanders faithful were cheering on the Mets, while throwing in some Islanders cheers along the way, anticipating the start of a new Islanders season. And, of course, the Islanders Ice Girls were there to help keep everyone’s spirits up.

“It was an exciting night for everyone,” said Islanders Director of Customer Service Kerry Cornils. “There are no bridges and tunnels between the Nassau Coliseum and Shea Stadium, so we are in fact all Islanders.”

Click here to see video from the Mets game by searching "SHEA" in the Islanders TV Console.
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