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by Staff Writer / New York Islanders
Management, players, coaches shared input on the new NYI sweaters

It took input from countless individuals and years of re-working for the Islanders to finally approve of the new Rbk Edge Uniform design they felt epitomized the next phase in franchise history.

The new outfit was designed through a process of comparing samples from both internally designed jerseys and those produced by Reebok. The final decision was made with input from Islanders executives, players and coaches.

“We felt it was important to hear from the players who would be wearing the jerseys,” said Terry Goldstein, the team’s Director of Merchandising. “We wanted the new sweater to be something they would be proud of, and I know without question they are.”

The Rbk Edge Uniform System was designed with performance and safety at the forefront. It is the culmination of more than two years of research and testing with active participation by NHL players, the NHL Players' Association and NHL team executives. The launch marks the first time in the history of major North American professional sports leagues that a league-wide uniform innovation has been established.

Last season, each of the Islanders had the opportunity to try a prototype of the new jerseys during one of the team’s practices. The players exited the ice commenting on the noticeable difference in the lightness of the new sweaters and socks. Part of the weight loss is attributed to the more efficient water-repellent surface.

The new high compression form-fitting socks were designed to match the water-resistant jerseys’ light-weight technology.

As for the design, it was only appropriate to keep intact certain elements, such as the Islanders crest and the Stanley Cup commemorative patch. In addition, the uniform incorporates the traditional tie strings in the front.

But at the same time, it was evident that with the 21st century’s first decade more than halfway over, there needed to be some stylistic improvements. The design of the arms and trim are more eye-catching than earlier sweater models, and with the addition of the number on front, players will be easier to spot.

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