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Making Our Own Fun (Sorta)

by Jesse D. Eisenberg / New York Islanders

This blog is based loosely on the notion that being around the Islanders is phenomenally entertaining. In fact, my whole job is loosely based on that notion.

So what happens when you take a six-person communications department that’s used to spending hours a day (and night) at the rink, and chain them to their desks in the windowless bowels of the Coliseum?

We restlessly attempt to make our own fun.

It started innocently enough with an NHL playoff pool – we figured, “what do other office workers do for fun at work?” and gambling felt right.

Next we designed our own t-shirts (see below for previous post), because what’s a summer camp without arts and crafts?

Things took a turn for the strange with an admittedly weird, albeit amusing twitter game “Name these Isles Eyes” (pictured).

Then yesterday, fueled by about two dozen Cinco de Mayo tacos, the department rode a 10-foot wave of delirious and jumped all over @grabner40’s twitter hash-tag “#Kimberslife.”

Kimber, of course, is the head of our department, who’s renowned for his machine-like work ethic and ability to work on zero hours of sleep.

Feel free to search the hash-tag on twitter to browse our best shots at our boss.

It’s only the beginning of May, so I’m getting pretty concerned about what we'll be coming up with in August.

Needless to say, this blog and this department are desperately awaiting the start of the players' summer community appearances, which are sure to provide more entertaining content.

In the mean time, any advice from office-vets is welcome.
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