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Keri Lannigan-Benoit

by Staff Writer / New York Islanders

I am ALMOST a 5-year breast cancer survivor.

I found the lump myself. My dad passed away in Dec. '06 and I was staying with my mom a few weeks later and found the lump in the shower at her house. How much could happen in a few weeks?

I was diagnosed March 15, 2007. I know NOW that being a cancer survivor is 90% in your HEAD. You MUST maintain a positive attitude. If you cry, crawl away and think you will die, you probably will. With all I was going through at the time (I am also an only child) I had to bury my dad who passed very suddenly and unexpectedly, take care of my mom who was suddenly alone after 50 years of marriage, go through chemo, 2 surgeries & radiation, still maintain a house, bills & put on a brave face for my husband etc.

But I did it. I just forged ahead as if this was another stepping stone, another hill to climb and I would be FINE. And I am. You CANNOT think OMG I'm gonna die. You take the chemo, you have the surgery, you do what they say and think I AM GOING TO LIVE, you think that every day.

Now in March of 2012, it will be 5 years for me and I will survive. I was Stage III. My doctors are amazed at how well I have progressed, how healthy I am. I changed my entire life, my entire diet, I take supplements, I am a vegetarian, I lost 30 lbs. I am a survivor.

Lets Go Islanders.

Keri Lannigan-Benoit
Lake Luzerne, NY
Formerly of Floral Park & New Hyde Park
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