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by Staff Writer / New York Islanders

Continuing to spread the word about how important teamwork and getting along with others really is, Islander alumni Steve Webb and Eric Cairns made a stop at Norh Ridge Primary School in Commack to visit over 500 students.  Over the course of two assemblies, Steve and Eric, along with their friends Monica the Ice Girl and Sparky, all talked about how even though they all have separate jobs during the game, that they are still a team, working together to help the Islanders win a championship.  The kids also enjoyed a short video of all the current Islanders speaking about how to be a winning team, it is essential that they all work together.  Steve and Eric went on to explain that the current players all overcome language differences to function as one, the same way as the students can tackle a math problem by all working in groups and talking things out fully.  After some fun demonstrations that included students working together to put on goalie equipment against a teacher working alone as well as all shouting together “Let’s Go Islanders,” the assembly came to a close and the children went back to their classrooms with big smiles and a better sense of how working together can help us all with the challenges we face in life.


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