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by Staff Writer / New York Islanders
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Frans Nielsen

At the time, I was a 20-year-old college junior watching the game in my apartment in Central New York.  One of my roommates was a huge hockey fan from Pittsburgh and was naturally rooting for the Penguins.  As we had throughout the seven-game series, we watched together in our living room.  When David Volek scored the game-winning goal, we were both stunned.  My celebration was muted, out of respect for my Penguins-fan roommate.

The next morning, I bought tickets to games four and six of the Wales Conference finals, which were scheduled to take place while I was going to spend a week with my parents on Long Island.

The Volek goal, and Pat LaFontaine's 4-ot game winner in 1987 are my two best Islander memories from the post-dynasty years.

Craig Buckser

It was 1993, and I was 16 years old, watching the isles take on the defending stanley cup champions for a game 7 showdown.    This was my first real game 7 as a fan, as I was a HUGE isles fan at that point and knew every player backwards and forwards.   I had no nails left on my hands from biting them all game long, and alas it was OT.    My friend and I were pacing and went outside to shoot pucks in my driveway.   We were so nervous that the only thing we could do was move around.   OT starts and the score is tied 3-3.   Ferraro gets the puck and with him is David Volek.    My friend and I jumped to our feet............this was it.     Ferraro gets the pass across on the 2 on 1.     David Volek winds up and beats was the biggest goal scored (to date) in my islander fan history.    I live for the day that I see that big of a goal.   I've been waiting a long time, and while Bates' goal was close against the leafs, Voleks has yet to be out done in my mind.   David beat Goliath on that was so exciting to be an isles fan.

-Rick Bernstein

I can never forget it.  My friends and I watched the game at one of our houses (we were still in high school � pre-drivers� licenses).  The truth is, Rich Pilon set the tone for the game early on by pummeling Kevin Stevens with a legal shoulder check to the face that knocked Stevens unconscious on his feet, and caused him to break his nose and the orbital bones in his face when he hit the ice!  The teams traded goals and then the game went to Islestime � I mean, overtime.  During the intermission, we all swore that it would be Ray Ferraro who would score the game winning OT goal, as he had 3 or 4 times already that postseason.  But then at 5:16 (ironically, LI�s telephone area code � it was pre-631), David Volek, using the injured-by-Dale �Cheapshot� Hunter�s hit-but-on-the-bench-anyway Pierre Turgeon�s stick, rips a laser beam shot over Tom Barrasso�s shoulder!  We were screaming, and we ran into the streets to cheer that the unthinkable had happened � we just upset the Mario-and-Jaromir-led 2-time defending Cup champion Pens!  People were opened their windows and screamed with us.  The whole block was chanting, �Let�s Go Islanders!�  Ah, the good old days; it�s been way too quiet ever since . . . . 

I was lucky enough to be in Pittsburgh for game 7 in 1993.  Went with a buddy that was a season ticket holder in sect 329.  We landed went to the hotel and saw Scotty Bowman walking out of the hotel, I promptly informed him of an Islanders victory to which he smiled and kept walking.  With the Islanders leading 3-1 with 4 minutes left the guy next to me got up and wished us luck in the next round, I knew that was a kiss of death.  During the intermission we caught a lot of heat for blowing the 2 goal lead.  When Volek scored we were on the other side of the rink and for a split second I thought he hit the post with how fast the puck came out but there was no doubt that the Islanders were off to Montreal for the next round.  What I did not know was I would follow.  Upon landing the next day a fan with 6 of my friends picked us up for the greatest drive of my life, telling the same story of the goal for about 7 hours.  It is the greatest hockey memory that
I ever attended personally.

Bob C

Naples, Fl

I remember that series very well.   That playoff run was a lot of fun.  I was at all the home games for the playoffs that year.  I was watching that game with my wife of 1 month in our apartment with another couple.  I was the only big hockey fan but back in our honeymoon days, my wife actually watched games with me back then.  I think Pittsburgh scored a late goal to tie and they showed the crowd going wild.  I got so upset as they were showing one particular fan jumping up and down that I yelled at him �sit down you freak of nature!�  I am usually a calm person and I think I startled her and our guests.  (Unfortunately for us Islander fans, she has not seen that side of me too often in our 17 years of marriage).  The rest of game I sat in almost a trance like state until Ferraro started that play.  He had such a great playoff run that I stood up in expectation.  I don�t remember all the details of my jumping and down and the celebration, but I do remember about 15 minutes later apologizing to the elderly couple who lived downstairs from us  for the noise.
Not that this pertains to Volek�s goal, but the Islanders were prominent at my wedding and rehearsal dinner that year.  Our rehearsal dinner was Friday April 2, 1993.  The Islanders had a big game against the Rangers when both teams were making their playoff push.  My bride to be made me promise not to go leave the room where we were having the dinner.  The restaurant had a bar with the game on in another room. Not wanting to start the marriage off on a bad note and knowing that a few of my friends and my future brother in law would be giving me updates so I grudgingly agreed.  However, midway through the 2ndperiod and after dinner, I noticed the only people in the room were me and her grandmother.  Everyone, including my soon to be wife, were watching the game in the bar.  We moved the party back to our apartment by the 3rd period and celebrated (except for my Ranger fan brother) when Turgeon scored in overtime.  The next day at our wedding there is a great shot where we had all the guests on the dance floor posing for a large group shot.  Someone yells �Lets Go Islanders!�  The Islander fans are cheering and the ranger fans are making thumbs down poses and the photographer takes the picture at the exact right time.
Jack Glanzer

While I was relatively too young to remember everything from the 1993 season and I probably had to go to bed at the time of the game (I'm 24 now), Volek's goal against the defending 2 time Stanley Cup Champion Penguins is undoubtably the greatest moment in Islanders history during a decade of many losing seasons, ownership turmoil, and high turnover rates of players.
Volek was known for being an inconsistent player; ever since his rookie season in the 1988-89 season. His point totals went from 59, 39, 56, 60, 21, and 14 in 1993-94. That night in Pittsburgh was his night to shine. Two goals, both set up by Ray Ferraro helped spark an eventual 3-1 Islanders lead (I believe Volek scored the first Isles goal of the game) and then after allowing the Penguins to come back and tie it up, Ferraro's second helper, with the assistance of Dennis Vaske, put away the Pens for the summer.
I still wonder to this day what would have happened if Dale Hunter had not checked Pierre Turgeon from behind. The Islanders may have had the extra ummmph to get past the Canadiens that year. But then again, if Turgeon was healthy, Volek would have been sitting in the press box as he was at the end of the Washington series, and the CBC call from Chris Cuthbert of "here they come, two on one, Ferraro spots Volek, SCOOOORES DAVID VOLEK, ISLANDERS!!!! And they'll be a new Stanley Cup Champion in 1993!!" would never had occured over the televsion airwaves that summer evening in 1993.
Mastic, NY

Remember that day like it was, well, not exactly yesterday, but darn close.  Friday night happy hour with some friends at our usual Friday night happy hour bar in Albany.  Game came on one of their TVs and I got sucked into it.  Longer it went on, more and more people also got interested, including my friends who had previously wanted to leave to go somewhere else.  At that point, didn't matter.  That game pulled everyone in, even though our area could hardly be called Islander territory.  And when Volek scored that beautiful goal, what a great celebration that broke out.  I remember hugging anyone who was near me, whether I knew them or not.  Just a great night - for both me and the Islanders.
Thanks for bringing up the memories.
Marc D'Amore
Troy, NY 

Wow I was 16 at the time watching it at home. I remember staying up watching that game. When he shot that and to see the puck go in I was jumping up and down. We where one series away from the cup, we beat the 2 time champions. Hearing the words volek shoots SCORES!!!! Was just priceless. Till this day I get chills hearing and seeing that clip. Hearing the igloo go quiet was the best. Oh can not wait till that happens again
Joe sinisi
Richmond hill ny

Well, a good friend and fellow Islander fan and I were on a big golfing weekend away in the Poconos with a bunch of other guys. After way too many swings with the clubs and a few too many beers, it was time to watch game 7!  What a way to cap off the weekend!

Larry Schopfer

This has to be the most wonderful memory (next to winning the cups!) � Ray Ferraro passes to Volek and he beats the 2 Time Champions.  I was at my former girlfriend�s house in Franklin Square.  Once Volek�s shot was good I exploded with screams � just screaming at the top of my lungs.   And then  I knew that the most sacred thing of all was preserved � that no hockey team since our Islanders has ever been a TRUE dynasty � that means THREE in a row (let alone FOUR).  And the best thing about it was that it was our Islanders who kept those Penguins from winning three in a row.  That�s right � no team not even the mighty Oilers won THREE in a row and by golly � let�s hope the next team to do it again will be our ISLANDERS!!!!!  LET�S GO ISLANDERS!!!!
Mike Howard

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