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Game Changer

by Jesse D. Eisenberg / New York Islanders

While introducing County Executive Edward P. Mangano at today's press conference at the Coliseum, Chief Deputy County Executive Rob Walker forever changed the PR game as I know it.

I was expecting a pretty straight forward intro, like "Mr. Mangano has been the County Exec for X years and has overseen some very important stuff that has made taxpayers very happy. Please join me in welcoming him to the stage." (Polite applause would ensue)

As I found out, that's not how Walker rolls.

This guy came out like a WWF hype-man, pumping up the already raucous crowd of Union Workers into a "Build It Now" frenzy before Mr. Mangano took the stage. All that was missing was music and pyrotechnics.

To Walker, I say "Bravo," and "yes, I accept your PR challenge."

From now on, no one is getting a player interview without watching an Islanders highlight reel, while listening to me spit player stats and superlatives, while I hold a smoke machine and wave around a glow stick.

Your move, Walker.
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