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Floorball Program: William Floyd Middle School

The Islanders Floorball program was at William Floyd Middle School on April 24 20182

by New York Islanders Community Relations NYIslanders / New York Islanders

William Floyd Middle School, Moriches NY - Tuesday, April 24 2018

Eighth grade girls at William Floyd Middle School showcased their floorball skills today during gym class. Players participated in modified 3-on-3 games focusing on developing offensive and defensive strategies. "Offense crash the net and remember to move when you do not have the ball," coaches physical teacher Ms. Curley. Throughout the games offensive players concentrated on honing their position of left wing, center, and right wing. "Think of it as three lanes," said Ms. Curley, "If your right wing moves to center, your center should fill the right wing." Defensive players worked on their zone and man-to-man coverage ensuring to always keep themselves between their opponent and the goal.

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