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Floorball Program: Alleghany Avenue School

The Islanders Floorball Program visited Alleghany Avenue School in Lindenhurst on Jan. 17, 2020

by New York Islanders Community Relations NYIslanders / New York Islanders

Floorball Winter 1 Session Update - January 17th 2020

The Winter 1 session of Islanders Floorball continues with the 3rd grade class at Alleghany Avenue School in Lindenhurst, NY today. Physical education teacher Mrs. Bittner coached the students through a series of drills focusing on crafting fundamental floorball skills. The class began with an all-important warm-up exercise before breaking into a game of "Nest." Players were split into six teams of three, each team having its own hula hoop. Players were tasked with collecting floorball balls from the main faceoff circle and stick handling them back to their hula hoop until the supply of balls was depleted. The team with the most balls in their hoop at the end won! Next, the class moved on to improving their sweeper shot by practicing their shooting techniques on a small goal. Students were challenged to try their shot from three different distances emphasizing their power and accuracy as they moved farther away from the goal. Players are excited to learn all of the fundamentals before graduating to game play soon! 

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