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Five Lists of Five from Moulson and Quick's visit to the NHL Offices

by Jesse D. Eisenberg / New York Islanders

I had the pleasure of escorting Matt Moulson and Jonathan Quick on their media tour yesterday at the NHL offices in Manhattan.

While this post was initially intended to be a behind-the-scenes narrative of their day, two important facts have come to my attention:

1.      The Islanders official site has great coverage from the event, including videos, photos and stories.

2.      Short, informative lists are much more readable and fun…

Without further adieu, here are five Top-5 lists pertaining to their trip to NYC.

List 1: The NHL Offices are decadent, because of…

1.      The panoramic view of midtown

2.      The flat screen TVs lining the walls, which constantly display images of players, taped and live games, and NHL/Versus/TSN hockey programming.

3.      An entire wall made out of old hockey sticks (which did not prevent the requisite hanging of multiple flat-screen TVs)

4.      The replica of the Hockey Hall Of Fame’s Stanly Cup room, complete with plaques for every championship team (pictured)

5.      Enormous paintings and sculptures of players and NHL logos



List 2: Moulson lost his cell phone, but didn’t panic because…

1.      He remembered tweeting from the car, so it couldn’t have gone very far

2.      It was not in the library, where his first interview took place

3.      He didn’t have faith in his driver, who didn’t see the phone in the back seat at first glance (Editor’s note: it was in the car).

4.      With one tweet already under his belt, he’d already exceeded his daily average

5.      Who needs a phone when you have a PR guy?



List 3: Lunch at Del Frisco’s Steakhouse was a nice perk because…

1.      The NHL picks up the bill (or as some might argue, Trevor Gillies/your favorite suspended player picks up the bill)

2.      Even for professional athletes, lunch at a fancy steakhouse isn’t an everyday occurrence

3.      It’s one block away from the offices (extra points because it was raining)

4.      NHL VP of Player Development & Event Communications Jamey Horan reserved the table and accompanied the boys, ensuring the full VIP treatment

5.      I haven’t had a steak since the season ended



List 4: The After Party, which did not happen and I’m completely making up, was awesome because…

1.      Happy hour is alive and well in NYC

2.      One of the Olsen twins was there

3.      We all got matching tattoos

4.      NHL players don’t always make it through the velvet ropes, so Moulson and Quick wisely relied on their PR guy, who oozes “street cred”

5.      No place does better late night food then Carnegie Deli



List 5: Unlike in this post, you can find useful information about the day…

1.      here for a story on Moulson and Quick’s relationship

2.      here for a photo gallery of their tour

3.      here for Moulson’s outlook on the 2011-12 Islanders

4.      here for Moulson and Quick’s appearance on NHL live

5.      here for a story on Moulson and Quick playing against each other
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