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by Staff Writer / New York Islanders
Another installment of Twitter Q and A with players. Here are MacDonald's andwers. 

Yay:D My question for Andrew: What was your favorite moment of your career so far? Thanks a bunch! - Melissa

Check out Andrew's answer, which we posted to Twitvid.

For Amac which #isles defenseman do you prefrer being paired with?

Andrew, who is your favorite D-man to be paired with? 

I'd have to say Streit. We had great chemistry last year, he was our best defenseman - he makes smart decision which makes things easier on me.

Do you expect to make the team out of camp? How's the broken foot? What do yo have to do to make the playoffs this season?

I would hope so, but it's not a given that any player makes the team. You have to work hard to win that spot.
My foot is fine. Absolutely no problems at all.
Last year we blew a lot of leads. As we grow as a team, we'll learn how to win more. Looking at what we learned last year, we're on our way to not letting that happen anymore.

How do you feel about the number of quality defenseman on the Islanders roster?

You can never have too many quality defenseman. The backbone of the team is strong D to holdback the opposition. 

What kind of music does Andy like to listen to before and after a game?

I'm a big country music fan. Before a game I go for the pump-up music - hard rock and hip hop. After a game I just like to chill out with something soothing like country music

Andy, how do you feel now that you have had some major time in the NHL and what was it like scoring your first NHL goal?

The more you play, the game becomes easier. You learn tendencies of other players and you know what to expect going into games.

Andrew, who are your favorite players to play with on the ice?

I enjoy playing with everyone really. If I had to pick a favorite it would be Streit.

Hi Andrew! Well what was your most memorable fan encounter?

After my first game, I did post game radio. It was nice to see the fans after the game waiting for me. 

Andrew, huge fan of your defense. During he offseason, are there areny other pro hockey players that you work out with or doyou have your own private trainer?? Best of luck during year

I have a private trainer. It's just him and me one-on-one. When I'm on Long Island, Jesse and I tie everything together so I'm in sync with the other guys on the ice. 

Andrew, what was your favorite team growing up?

I was a Maple Leafs fan, mom was a Boston Fan, and dad was a Montreal fan. It kept things real interesting. 

MacDonald, who is the thoughest player who you have had to defend against?

I've had to play against both Crosby and Ovechkin. I'd have to say Crosby had me circling around the net quite a bit. Then you have guys like Byfuglien who are so big you just can't get around them at all. 

how do you feel you will fit in with the #isles this year?

I'm willing to play in whatever role I'm needed. Block shots, kill penalties, whatever it takes. I'm completely willing to do it.

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