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50 WORDS: Your Holiday Wishes Revealed

by Staff Writer / New York Islanders
The Cup, USA Gold and the Lighthouse

Here's a sample of the more than 200 responses we received by the end of Christmas Day:

I wish, to all that is Holly, that the Islanders find a way to beat teams with a better record than them. Amen.
George Eldi

I wish everyone a healthy and happy Holidays, and I also wish that Charles Wang gets his Lighthouse project approved as it will help people with jobs and also keep the Islanders in Nassau County were they belong.

Long Island

My wish is for all of the Islanders players, the coaching staff and management to have a very Merry Christmas and healthy New Year. Thank You Islanders for bringing my father and I back together again.  For some families the Islanders are a way of life. To my Uncle Nino who was told last night that he has cancer, I hope he lives long enough to see the Islanders raise another banner that  says "Stanley Cup Champions"

Dominick Santoro
Pleasntville, NY

My Islander Holiday wish would be that Blake score the game winning goal for team USA in the Gold Medal game this year at the Olympics. Jason comes to the rink every day and works his tail off, he deserves his miracle moment. This would be a holiday gift for the Islanders and another MIRACLE for the USA! Happy Holidays.

Christopher Hogan

I want my band Cast In Shadows to play our original rock music between periods like they used to do it a couple of years ago. We're releasing a new album.  All original music.  Our music is definantely for all ages and since I saw Lukawich and Ninnimaa at the last concert I went to (sevendust), I don't think the team will have a problem with it. Do you?

Kevin Corey

My Islanders Holiday wish for 2006 is for a little respect. The Islanders, and their fans, have been ridiculed by many. What they fail to realize is that Islander fans are the best in the NHL. We all remember the "Fishsticks Jersey" and the 8 year playoff drought. We have heart and class, and deserve some respect.
Happy Holidays to all.

Andrew Nasser
Smithtown, NY

Well besides winning the fifth Stanley Cup in Islander history (one more then the Rangers have), I want Nassau County to approve the Lighthouse plan, thus making the Coliseum a modern home for the Islander & their fans to celebrate more Cup victories.

Westbury, NY

For the Islanders to win at least one playoff round, energize the fan-base, finalize the Coliseum renovation plans, and get more respect.  For Blake, DP, and Parrish to lead the U.S. to gold in Turin.  For many victories over the Rangers and for Campoli to win the Calder.

John Kuehn
Rockville Centre

I would like to see the Islanders win a playoff round.  I was fortunate enough to be in Pittsburgh on May 14th 1993, I have been unfortunate enough to have to wait at least 13 years to see it again. Let's Go Islanders.

Rochester Hills, MI

Other than everyone having a safe holiday Islanders wish is twofold...make playoffs and once in for all, would the sports world please get off of Yashin's back.The guy is world of luck to the NHL's best franchise. I bleed blue and orange!!!!

Halifax, N.S.

Health: A team free from injury.
Happiness: To be playing on Long Island, to play for us who are in the arena and at home.
Respect: For hard work and effort and Islander colors.
Gold: Or Silver around the necks of certain American-born players who'll proudly represent their country in February.  (We'll take Bronze if need be.)

Looking forward to a bright New Year!

Dee Karl

For my holiday wish I want one thing: for the Islanders to start playing some amazing hockey like I know the can and bring the Cup back to where it belongs.

Kyle A.
Long Island

My Islander wish for the holidays is for them to go on a 10 game wining streak after Christmas, and play consistently enough for the rest of the season to claim a 6th or 7th seed playoff spot.

East Moriches, New York

Just a happy and healthy holiday for all the fans and team.

P.S. Maybe a Stanley Cup for a stocking stuffer.

Dan the Fan from Coram

My Islanders-related wish is flawless play at home, so when I go to every game, I am satisfied, and so when opponents come into the building, they know it's going to be a rough night.

I pray for peace on earth, good will toward all peoples and that the Islanders don't lose another game with under 3:00 remaining in the 3rd period.

Mitch Palmer
Phoenix, AZ

Oleg: Happy Holidays and I hope that you get back in the lineup soon!  We need you to play with the speed and intensity you are capable of bringing to our team.

Russell Triolo
Clifton, NJ

I wish for the Islanders to get their spirits up, and to start playing like they can. Our team is capable... lets get our islander blood flowing!

Meagan Smith

Simply put....2006 Ice Girls Calendar

Larry Marzocco

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