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by Staff Writer / New York Islanders
Acquiring Ryan Smyth

After receiving a record number of responses to this edition of "50 Words or Less," the verdict is out. Islanders fans, with the exception of a few, are elated with the acquiring of Ryan Smyth at the trade deadline. Along with responses from Islanders fans, we received an abundance of replies from Edmonton fans wishing Smyth good luck on Long Island, with some even proclaiming their support to the Islanders for their playoff push. Here are just a few of the hundreds of e-mails we received from all across the United States and Canada.


All of a sudden it feels like I've gone back in time to an era when the Islander franchise was on course to do great things back in late 70's. It's a great feeling and one that I hope holds true for the next several seasons.

Bohemia, NY


Islanders fans you have received one heck of a player, not only on the ice but in the community. You will be sorely missed Ryan. Thank you for everything you have done for Edmonton.

Ryan Hull
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


What a great player!  He makes hockey fun to watch. Ryan is a great leader.  The Islanders are so fortunate to have one of the greatest players to ever play the game.   Go Islanders.  I hope your Stanley Cup dreams come true.  You now can write the story.  GREAT TRADE!

Mary Macor
Livermore, CA


As an Oiler fan I am broken hearted that Ryan Smyth has left us. However, I wish both Ryan and the Islanders lots of luck in your quest for the Stanley Cup. You have just gained a new fan. Go Islanders!

Diane Hemstock
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Like the 80s, another Islander wore a number in the 90's that will be the reason the 2006/2007 Islanders progress past the first round, well into the second round and well; who knows? Ryan Smyth will do for these Islanders what Butch Goring did for the 4 time champs.

Mark Levitan
Manorville, NY


Ryan Smyth has always been my favourite player and yesterday was an extremely upsetting day for me, seeing him leave Alberta.  But I'm now following Ryan like I always said I would, and am in the process of becoming an Islanders fan, so let's win the cup this year!

Kendell Reinders
Manning, Alberta


So many things that can be said but one stands out above the rest, "Thank you Charles Wang."  Thank you for giving the team the chance to grow again.  Ryan Smyth: You are a torch about to meet a bonfire.  Welcome to the Island.  The New Blue! Islander Blue!

Eric Nelson


I live in Edmonton, a student at the university. When I saw that we got Smyth I nearly fell to the floor. I wore my Islanders jersey and got a few reactions. A woman asked how I could wear that jersey. I answered 'With Pride!' Smyth is ours! Go Islanders!

Rick Henderson


The Islanders are becoming the Yankees of the 80's. Trading the future for aging stars. Edmonton now as four NYI #1 picks counting the Raffi Torres trade. History proves champs are built from within. (ie Trots, Bossy, Potvin, - Jeter, Williams, Posada) What happens if Smyth walks at year's end?

Lenny P.
Guilford, CT


You've got the heart and soul of THE MOST PASSIONATE PLAYER IN THE NHL RIGHT NOW. I hope he brings glory and championships to your franchise.  For now I will be cheering in my heart for the Islanders and Smytty.

Chad Morin
Edmonton, Alberta


The New York Islanders have acquired a heart and soul team player, who epitomizes the ideal hockey player.  I for one will continue to cheer for Ryan Smyth in his new role as New York Islander.  All the best Ryan, your fans will miss you.

Karen Rodway
Edmonton, Alberta


What a difference a few hours make: While Isles fans expected their heart and soul, Jason Blake, to be traded, instead we get the Oilers' heart and soul. The Isles can now advance past the Eastern Conference quarterfinals, all thanks to Garth Snow and Charles Wang.

Rockville Centre, NY


Ryan - WELCOME TO LONG ISLAND, WE ARE VERY HAPPY YOUR HERE! Thank you Charles and Garth! Great hockey move! Ryan brings proven leadership, scoring, and winning! Add a first line player in exchange for prospects...YES! Ted Nolan - great job. Let's go Islanders!

Mike Levitz
Oceanside, NY


There are no words to describe Ryan Smyth.  Words like: amazing, dedicated, awesome, classy and spectacular come to mind but don't do him justice.  With the addition of Smyth, I can proudly say that, for the first time in my life, I AM AN ISLANDER!

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada


Ryan Smyth is a great player. One could go as far to say that with him onboard the Islanders are stacked. But I think dealing Ryan O'Marra was a mistake. I'm not downplaying Smyth's abilities, just O'Marra is a future star and could have been around a long time.

Matthew Smidowicz
Holbrook, NY

Without a doubt, one of the biggest signings. This is huge.  I haven't been this excited about a player coming here since Yashin, Peca and Osgood brought us back from the dead.

Frank Dacosta
Bergenfield, NJ


I am a season ticket holder and I have seen that our team has the ability to get far into the playoffs and with the acquisition of Ryan Smyth. It gives us the chance to maybe even get to the Stanley Cup.

Pat Bedell


Ecstatic! There is no other emotion to describe it. Long have I sat and waited for a deal like this. Now we watch a superstar come here for the stretch run to the playoffs. I will enjoy this ride as long as it lasts... Let's Go Islanders!!!

Dominic Intravaia
Bay Shore, NY


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