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by Staff Writer / New York Islanders
Your Thoughts on the 1980 Celebration

Here are 20 of the responses we have received so far on your review of the Celebration of the 1980 Islanders Stanley Cup team.








The Greatest Day of my Life. I am a Big Billy Smith Fan and he stopped along the way without me asking, just by me showing my Jersey and  signed it. It was so amazing! And he was so very nice. Thank you to the Islanders Family and Billy Smith for an unforgettable day.

Carrie Kratz
 Centereach, Long  Island



I was there for all 4 and I'm still here Sec 114 Row E...a brilliant morning, a brilliant day, a brilliant parade, a brilliant win!  Thank you Mr. Wang, for making  this a memory my teenage boys and I will never ever forget.  You've made us once again an Islander Family.  Now it's time for another Cup!

Geoffrey, Michael and Spencer Mann


What a blast! I stood out in the freezing cold for an hour to watch the parade and get great pictures, enjoyed a great game, and got to kiss the Stanley Cup¦.Wow!

Mike Fuchs

Saturday's celebration was more than a dream-come-true: we came from Portland, OR to see the game and were lucky enough to be staying in the Marriott with the entire 1980 team!  Words cannot adequately express how incredible it was to see my heroes up close and personal.
Chris Ebbert
Portland, OR 

The best part of the ceremony was seeing all the old Islanders and watching them lift that Cup that we in Long Island want back. I think this current team and organization needs their help in bringing the Islanders back to greatness which we've been missing for so long. We
need to get the Coliseum packed and rocking like it was back then and reminding the rest of the NHL and the hockey world that the NY Islanders are the team to beat. Let's Go Islanders, keep pushing for the playoffs boys, we can do it!!!

Robert Gallion

Next to winning the Cups themselves I have never been moved as much. The guys look great, I was a little disappointed that Bob Bourne and Chico weren't there but it was first class all the way. I hope the nucleus of the current team took a note or two.

Bill Dietrick


What a night...For me, the best part was when Denis Potvin asked "How Many  Cups, Who Sucks?" It really showed that the rivalry lives no matter what. It  was incredible to see the Colesium erupt for the first time in a real while when  Trottier, Bossy, Potvin and the others come onto the ice. Seeing Al Arbour on the ice was really something special. I cant really say I've  expierenced much because I'm only 13, but I've been an Islander fan for 13  years, and I've been to a hell of a lot of games, and this one is right up there  as being the best.
Rego Park


I LOVED every minute.  1980 was the year my 2nd son dragged me kicking and screaming into hockey. I haven't looked back once. I hope the tapes can inspire our current guys with the spirit, work ethic and the" never say die" attitude of our 1980 heroes.

Helene Schneider

I took my 12-year old son to the Walk of Champions parade and the game. It showed the younger generation the pride and history that the franchise was built from. It was a night to remember for a long time! The memories brought tears to my eyes. Thank you.

Tom Pfingst
Malverne, NY


I actually thoroughly enjoyed watching the 1 hour event on TV.  I thought it was great, but I do think that the ONLY thing that matters is that the Islanders bring the Cup to the Island soon!  We keep congratulating the old winners...we need to win now, it's been long
enough!  I was born in 1987 and need some excitement.  Three first round exits do not cut it!  I love the Isles more than my life, season ticket holder since I was 13; let's put it together now boys.

Medford, LI

I was at the Coliseum with my 14 year old son.I've told him about all the great players the Islanders had during the dynasty and he was anxious to see them. We lined up for the walk of Champions and enjoyed seeing everyone, especially Denis and the Cup! The ceremony inside was very classy and the ovations Trots, Bossy, Bobby Ny and Denis got almost brought down the building. All I can say is let's do this more often!!

John Niemczyk

Just spectacular. Brought back vivid memories of my childhood. Seeing Potvin with the CUP just brought a tear to my eye. Bossy, Trotts and Gillies the Trio Grande. Just seeing the team together was awesome it must have been breathtaking to see it live in person. The best part was my wife seeing it. She finally understands why I bleed orange and blue. Thanks, Mr.Wang for this. It was something special. And you too Mr. Milbury.

 Joe Mcivor
 Cochrane, Alberta


I was the second fan on the gate for the parade and seeing Stanley come home
was something I will never forget.  I was only 1 year old when we won it in
1980, and to see that victory lap in the flesh will live in me forever.
Fred Alvaro
Fort Lee, New Jersey
Section 121, Row J, Seat 6


Oh Boy was that Fun!!  Me and my son were at the morning skate and autograph session.  I don't know who was happier to see who, the fans to see the players or the players to see us.  Anders Kallur had an ear to ear smile as he signed autographs, Bob Nystrom had to be asked to stop signing autographs by the coliseum staff so that they could clean up for the game.  Jiggs McDonald was still signing autographs at Champions and actually thanked us for coming! The only sad part of the day was that my all-time favorite Islander Bob Bourne was unable to make it.

Tom Tatarian

The Walk of Champions was awesome. Seeing The Cup paraded into the Coliseum by conquering warriors of the past through a gauntlet of cheering fans resurrected that electricity of yesteryear. We can further honor tradition by restoring the team's original colors and by inviting these winners into the fold permanently.

Wantagh, New York

Seeing the former Cup greats together again was great.  I took my six-year old son and had a front row view from inside the Marriott.  He hugged Sparky.  I shook hands with Trots, Smitty and Bill Torrey.  By their smiles, you could see the players truly enjoyed being back.

Glen Orenstein

Four banners hanging.  Four stripes on the sweaters.  And another night honoring the team's championship from 25 years ago.  Not to mention all of the individual nights where players from this team were trotted out as well.  Enough is enough.  I truly hope that this is the final night to honor this team.  What they accomplished, and how they did it, was special - no question about it - but I've come to feel that the organization has paid the required homage that this era's players have earned.  Any more would truly be overkill.  Maybe a yearly blue vs. orange old-timers game (without helmets) or a "legends of hockey" game prior to a home game would continue to keep these players returning to hear our cheers, but to specifically honor this team again would be too much.  We respect our past, but we can not re-live it every year.  If a quality product was placed on the ice, game-in and game-out, we wouldn't have to rely on the handful of Rangers games and a promotional event to honor this team for a sellout crowd to appear.
Michael Sena
Oceanside, NY

[editor™s note: We respect your opinion, Michael, and are happy to publish your dissenting opinion because you did it respectfully. We would like to point out one thing, however. If the Islanders were cynically looking for a sellout, they would not have scheduled the event for a Saturday night in March with the Flyers in town. You should know that when the event was announced to the public, more than 14,000 seats had already been sold for the game.]


Long overdue
Amazing Team
Never forget the night
Return the cup to Long Island

T. Schmitt

Watching the celebration on TV brought back so many memories, although I  didn't think I'd be fighting back tears. The early 80's on Long Island was such a special time to be an Islanders fan. You were proud to wear the orange and blue! You lived to berate the Rangers and their fans (those 1940 chants still reverberate deep in my  mind). 
The celebration was first-class, and hopefully it will restore the pride in a franchise that gave us so many magical moments.
Dennis Falcone


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