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50 WORDS OR LESS: Your Favorite Islander

by Staff Writer / New York Islanders
Results, Part I: Blake, Bates, Ash, Garth, DP...

Our mailbox has been so flooded with your responses to our question about your favorite current Islander that we had to let the first batch out. Keep them coming. We'll post more on Friday and maybe even more after that.

Shawn Bates. That boy had me at the penalty shot vs. Toronto.

Alice Bol

Arron Asham. His combination of grit, courage desire and big slap shot (95Mph) has led him from the AHL to the Islanders top line. We love ya Arron, GO Isles!

Marty Kane
Lloydminster, Alberta

This is a no brainer.  It's the Energizer, Jason Blake. He takes a licking and keeps on ticking!!!  Never quits, always gives everything he's got and gives opposing teams fits!!

Whitestone, NY

Trent Hunter! He's got size, strength, skill, great hands and a pretty good mean streak on the ice. On top of that, he's a nice guy off the ice. To my eye, he's the complete package and will only get better.
Gary Epstein

Garth Snow is my favorite Islander.  For a guy who doesn't play everyday, he shows up when called upon and comes up big in the clutch. Ricky had a rough day against Ottawa and Snow came up huge for us in the game against Philly.  I think the Islanders have the best 1-2 punch when it comes to goaltenders.

Gregg Weiss

Garth Snow absolutely rocks!  Not only is he ready to step in at any time and play exceptional hockey but he is able to elevate everyone else's game around him.  All the while having a great time!  For the record, my 5-year-old son votes for Jason Blake and Shawn Bates. 

Pam Freeburg
Wilcox, Pennsylvania

My favorite Islander is Rick DiPietro.  He has answered the call of being the #1 draft pick and handled the pressure like a seasoned veteran.  At some point soon in his career he will be the very best net minder the NHL has to offer PERIOD.

Bert MacDonald
PEI, Canada

My 4-year old who went to his first game this year would pick Eric Godard.  I have to point him out whenever he is on the ice.  I bought him an Islander jersey with his name on the back "Austin" and I asked him who's number he wanted, I thought he would pick a "scorer" he picked #49.


Rick DiPietro is my favorite Islander right now. This guy shows the confidence of a 10-year veteran and you can tell he is getting better with each game. The puck control has been much better this year and positioning has been great. Keep your head up, Ricky.

Tony Chiappetta
Toronto, Canada

My favorite Islander is Chris Campoli.  He's young and talented, and most  importantly plays the game with heart.  I will look forward to following his career over the next several years.
Rockville Centre

My Favorite current islander is far and away Jason Blake.  He obviously has the biggest heart on the team.  Always skating hard, digging in the corners and pushing for more.  Also a great "team" player as he does not play selfishly but rather for the benefit of the team.

Jason Cohen

Our Captain, Alexei Yashin. Yash is one of the "quiet" leaders on the ice. He leads by example. If his line puts up a great shift, the rest of the team is likely to follow and put the pressure on. Great scoring touch and very active with Long Island community.

My favorite Islander wears the same number of my all time favorite Islander, Brent Sutter!  This son of an NHLer has quick hands, mind-bending dekes, and tremendous vision!  He is just blossoming into the next Patty LaFontaine!  None other than Robert Nilsson!

Just moved to the Lonestar State and missing the Coliseum!

Rick DiPietro - He has an incredibly bright future and furthermore is going to be the linchpin for the US hockey team as well.  It'll be great to see Ricky presenting the States in the coming years.  He has tremendous ability in the net and is one of the very few goalies who
actually help on offense.  He is a great asset and it is nice that the Isles might have their long time goalie situation figured out for the next 10 seasons.

Baltimore, MD

For me, Janne Niinimaa is the man. Maybe even more than Blakie, Janne plays every shift as hard as he can. He sets an excellent example for the rest of the defensemen.

Ken C.

My favorite CURRENT Islander is Trent Hunter. Trent will get the blocked shot, the hit to pump up everyone, and the game-winning goal. He is the TRUTH!

Eddie Roberts

Mattias Weinhandl.  1) Just a nice, dedicated player; 2) It's fun to root for nice guys instead of egomaniacs; 3) I want my kids to root for good guys; 4) Whenever I went to Bridgeport, he was the best on the ice; 5)  I put his # and name on my jersey in 2002, so I'm invested!


B - Blazing Speed
A - Accurate Shooting
T - Toughness Beyond Belief
E - Extreme Determination
S - Super Nice Guy
Brad Vonknsky
Glen Cove

I have been a fan since 1976. Soon it will be 30 years. I have seen players come and go, some living up to their potential and some not. It has been a long, long time since I have seen a kid like Campoli energize the fans and his teammates so enthusiastically. Hats off to Mike Milbury for whatever moves he had to make to get this kid. He is certainly a winner.

Mark Levitan

Brent Sopel. It's very early in his career here, but I think Brent brings it every night and he's only going to get better as he gets more comfortable on Long Island and with his new team. I also met him once after practice and he was really nice to me and my friends.

Tom Ritz

My Favorite Islander is Garth Snow. Whenever he is called upon, Snow comes up with big performances. Without Snow's mentoring, DiPietro might not be where he is today. He is a valuable asset, and signing him for 3 years was the best move the club has made.

Anthony Donofrio
Mesa, AZ

Miroslav Satan superskilled/good sport. How many players get penalties and smile on route to the box. Pure gentleman.''Lady Byng'' perhaps. Met him in Yarmouth, asked him to sign my jersey, he said he'd be back...and was, friendly as ''HELL.'' Best yet to come...

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Jason Blake personifies what it means to be an Islander. Often overlooked, the quiet guy in the neighborhood, but absolutely deadly when given the chance to prove his might. Blakey keeps the Never Say Die spirit alive and well.

Bryan Schultheiss
Gilboa, NY

Slowly but surely, Arron Asham is becoming my favorite Islander.  I love his intensity and his willingness to drop the gloves with anybody.  This year he is showing off his shot and skating ability making him worthy of playing on the top line.  A true old school hockey player!

New Jersey

O-leg, O-leg, O-leg-O-leg-O-leg-O-leg. People forget Oleg Kvasha has been our best player in some of our biggest games and when Yash got hurt two years ago. When he goes wide and takes it to the net, I think it's one of the most exciting plays in hockey.

Danny Hudak

Simple. Hockey rewards those who work hard. Jason Blake gets it.

George Eldi

My favorite Islander is Jason Blake, for one reason: He never gives up!!!  How a person that small can have a heart as big as his is beyond me.  He plays as if the championship is on the line, even when down 3 goals, with 30 seconds to go in the game.

Damon Rios

Mark Parrish is my favorite Islander because he's not a player who makes headlines but he's a smart and playmaking player. Mark also took his time to sign an autograph for a friend and I after a 6-2 loss to Ottawa and talked to us for about 2 minutes. Mark is a fan-caring player and a GREAT player on the ice.

Sean Henshaw

Gotta give credit to my man Alexei Yashin always productive, always has that smile on his face. He is on a pace to do even better this year, and he is the captain now, what else?

Long Beach

My favorite Islander would have to be Arron Asham.  Asham goes out every game with so much intensity, and he is willing to stick up for his teammates.  He fights, but he can play the game.  He is willing to bust for other players.  Asham is always working to help the team.
Russell Kline
Croton, NY

My favorite current Islander is Robert Nilsson. His love for the game is evident; each night he goes out on the ice and gives an exemplary effort. He will definitely be a key player in the Islanders future and I look forward to following his career in the upcoming years.

Kimberly Scudiero
Season Ticket Holder
Section 123

Mark Parrish, hands down.  He is a player who is an excellent tool on the PP and the PK.  He is tough and strong in front of the net and is a good 30-35 goal scorer.  I think Mark is the best Islander since we traded Ziggy Palffy to the Kings.

East Hampton

Shawn Bates is my favorite Islander. Game in and game out he plays through pain and agony, with the determination to score goals. I hope he returns to the ice as soon as possible!

Teddy Stephan
Lloyd Harbor

Brad Lukowich didn't take long to win over Islander fans like me. He came here and immediately got involved, helping his teammates, doing appearances, even writing a blog on the team website. Best of all, he plays like the champion he already has been twice! Luk rules. I'm glad the coaches know this too and made him alternate captian.

Jonathan Bell


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