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50 WORDS OR LESS: Your Favorite Islander, Part II

by Staff Writer / New York Islanders
Godard, Hunter and Parrish Get Plenty of Votes

The responses to our question about your favorite current Islander continues with this second batch. We'd like to thank all the fans that participated.

Jason Blake is an invaluable player whose impact can not be simply summed up in points, although he holds the 2nd place slot within the Isles organization.  Jason's speed and aggressiveness, fear of no other player and hardworking spirit held provide a positive energy for the Isles like no other.
Sean Greene
Floral Park

My favorite current Islander is Mr. Wang because he is one responsible for keeping the Islanders and putting these great players in our uniform.

My favorite Islander would have to be Shawn Bates because the amount of heart, effort, and passion he has for the game.
Selden, New York

Eric Godard. When he was here in Bridgeport, he brought that spark to aggressive hockey. Off the ice, he's a nice guy that you can talk to without feeling intimidated....On the ice, forget  it! One wrong look and you can find your teeth in the Zamboni!
Mike Iandona

Mark Parrish. Maybe the most down-to-earth, likeable guy in the history of the franchise. And that is saying a lot.
John Cedeno

You've gotta love Trent Hunter.  Last season he leads the team in scoring, and this season he's filled every role Coach Stirling's asked him to - and done it damn well.  Hands, hustle, heart - that's what you'll get with Big Game Hunter.
Matt Rawluk

I would have to say my fave Islander has to be Ricky DiPietro. Why? He's stubborn, brash, funny as heck on his good days, not afraid to tell it like it is, and a fierce competitor. And him being cute helps too :) but is not the determining factor.
Chantelle Comeau
Weymouth, Nova Scotia

Chris Campoli has definitely got my vote.  I know he is young and has made some mistakes but he makes the mistakes fuel him into doing better on his next shift.  He is exciting to watch and so skilled.  I haven't been this excited about an Islanders D man since Berard had his rookie season.  My Campoli Jersey is already ordered...Let's GO ISLANDERS.....
Budd Lake, NJ

Jason Blake. I love his work ethic. He is the ultimate team player. Not big in stature, no one knows what he brings each time he hits the ice. His performance speaks for itself.
Ross Yates

"Captains Courageous" was a great movie and book. It's refreshing to watch Alexei Yashin finishing checks, playing defense, making plays and scoring big goals. This Islander fan is happy that #79 is not only wearing the "C" but meeting the expectations that go along with it.
Steve Pothos

Mark Parrish, my favorite Islander, has stuck with the Islanders for five years and has been phenomenal.  He has a wrist shot with the accuracy of any of the top snipers in the league.  He knows how to use his stick perfectly and always puts on a show for the fans.
R.S. Motschwiller
Rockville Centre

Janne Niinimaa is my favorite player. He is an awesome player and stops after each game to give people autographs. I remember we were there at 11:00 this season and he stopped. Janne is kind and he gives to charity. Probably the nicest guy to come from Finland.

So I have to pick just one?? While I love them all, I can easily say Garth Snow is my favorite Islander. Though he doesn't play often he is everything an Islander should be and has been ever since he came to the team. Since day one he's been every bit of a professional and has been the type of guy the fans want wearing the Islander jersey. Seeing how he interacts with his teammates and watching the way he steps up when called upon always puts a smile on my face and is very appreciated by us fans. He's the type of guy we love cheering for. Thanks Snowy.
Brittany D'Erasmo
Bay Shore

My favorite Islander is Eric Godard. With the new rule changes, he's had to overhaul his game to fit in. No one has worked harder to be a part of this team than he has. He's been playing well and is always ready to stand up for a teammate.
Section 119

Trent Hunter! The big guy is the total package! Has adapted superbly to his new role as a defensive player. Has the big shot, loves to hit and super hands! Give him the ice time and he'll be a star and leader.
John Bauer
Sylvan Lake, Alberta

How about a shout for a lunchpail guy: Eric Godard.  The skill players that everyone else is listing in their replies to this assignment would be hard pressed to do their job without the presence of our enforcer. He has the potential to be the heavyweight champ of the league.
Michael Sena

Our favorite Islander is Rick DiPietro!  Why? See these photos! I went to Islanders Iceworks to see if I could get the photo from when he signed his contract with the Islanders autographed for my son (who is now 5).  And he was great, as you can see in these photos!
Yolanda, Sean and Chris








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