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by Staff Writer / New York Islanders

We were right there with you Islanders fans, through it all -- from the last-second game-tying goal by John Madden to the shootout poke-check by Dubie on Sergei Brylin. The responses we got told it all as Islanders fans across Long Island, the United States and Canada shared their thoughts on one of the most memorable regular-season games in Islanders history.


I was there live and when Madden scored my heart jumped out of my skin, but when I saw Satan and Kozlov bury that puck I knew the force was with Yoda (Dubie) and then the celebration.  No matter what happens, THANK YOU ISLANDERS!!!!



When Madden tied it I was sitting on the edge of my bed squeezing a pillow and screaming. When Dubie used the poke-check I love so much (being a long time Sound Tiger fan) I literally ripped the pillow in half, stuffing flying everywhere and screaming myself hoarse. Dubie ROCKS!

Trumbull, CT


When the Devils scored, I didn't think it was the end of the world.  I realized that since the game would probably go to a shootout, we had the advantage with Kozlov and Satan.  Although unrelated, I'd like to thank Deron Quint for stepping up for Meyer and Gervais and playing well. 



I wore my Islanders Jersey to Easter Dinner at a friend's house, and watched the game with Paul, another huge Islander fan.  We were speechless, and sick to our stomach. The shootout was heart stopping, gut wrenching, an emotional rollercoaster ending in wild celebration after the Made For Hollywood ending.



I was watching as the slowest 10 seconds ever counted down. When Madden scored, immediate sickness sank in. When the Islanders eventually won with the pokecheck in the shootout, nirvana set in...till Buffalo comes to town.

Nicholas Galestro
Staten Island, NY


Dubie should be a surgeon, because he completely restored my heart after it stopped at 19:59.  It is fine now, and it still beats to the chant of LETS GO ISLANDERS!

Anthony Yampol
San Rafael, CA


I was driving and almost crashed when they scored to tie. I never gave up all week. I made it home for OT and saw Dubie looking nervous. I thought if we made it to the shootout we'd have a better chance to win and we did. It was an unbelievable.     

Lou Caruso
Northport, NY


We were at my husband's parents having Easter dinner. I had to watch the final minutes from behind my husband's shoulders.  I could barely stand it.  The second that poke check was made, I teared-up. I was thrilled for the team and for our homeboy, Ryan.  Good luck in the playoffs!!

Heather Krogen
Edmonton, Alberta


Our son was wearing a lucky Islanders bib, handwashed and dried by daddy the night before.  My husband notices the score whenever I leave the room. I leave the room (don't want to tempt fate) waiting for reports.  A mild eruption on the porch told it all.  WE'RE IN BABY!!!

Kelly Lauletta
Lindenhurst, NY


I thought game was at 1:30 but instead it was at 3:30. I bought a ticket at the last minute and drove out for the game from PA. It was the most nerve-racking game I've ever seen in my life. Thanks Isles for the anxiety and the happy ending.



In my living room with family, John Madden scored. I was in shock. I thought it was over. My eyes were wet because I felt what the guys felt. Shock. I held the Islanders emblem on my necklace and prayed. It was followed by great relief. I was exuberant.

Shane Zinman
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 


I had to get the defibrillator twice for my father, once for when John Madden tied it with .9 remaining, and once for the famous Dubie poke-check that gained us the win and play-off entry, Buffalo here we come!



My family and I were over at my Grandma's for Easter. Madden had just scored, we were devastated. I sat through overtime until the shootout came. When Satan scored we applauded. When Kozlov scored we cheered. But when Dubie made the save, we went nuts. They were in.

Brian Hambel
Manorville, NY


We were seated right behind Dubie. When the game began we were seated, Overtime came and we were on our feet, for the shoot out my wife was on her knees crying. We raced back to Syosset to show our support and welcomed the guys home.

Bill Space


As a native Long Islander who just recently moved to Los Angeles, I was listening on NHL.Com radio as I nearly choked on that horrible feeling in the back of my throat.  When Dubie made the poke check, I felt reborn. 

Eric Leventhal
Los Angeles, CA


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