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by Staff Writer / New York Islanders
Kozlov, Witt, Poti among favorites

The Islanders are stacked with a new crop of forwards and defense this season. Viktor Kozlov, Brendan Witt and Tom Poti received the most nods for making the biggest impact this season. Here are just a few of the entries submitted by you, the fans.

I am excited about the new players the Islanders brought in this season. Guys like Sillinger, Witt, and Hill have shown in the past to have real leadership qualities. I think who will have the biggest impact though will be Kozlov, look for him to have a big offensive season.

Chuck G
Commack NY


Brendan Witt. He's got the leadership ability, the physical play, the experience, the personality, and most importantly the hair. I'm real excited to see his impact on our team and throw a few guys out of DP's crease while he's at it :).

Eric N.
Rockville Centre


Mike Sillinger: heart+grit+skill+faceoff wins=the type of leader the Islanders need!
Kevin Murray
Nova Scotia


Viktor Kozlov will have the biggest impact.  I'm hoping there's a Russian connection with Alexei Yashin. No reason they cant both be 30 goal scorers this year.
David Epstein

Chris Simon will have the biggest impact. Simon brings both hear and grit.

Paul Bookman


Viktor Kozlov not only has great size, makes plays, and can score, but he is also a fellow Russian. It seems that Yash has responded well to having Kozlov on his line.


This year we have a whole new team, added some grit and depth. We added a few key d'man and even a former Jack Adams award winner coach. This is the perfect team and I think this year the Islanders can do some damage and out of all the acquisitions I think Brendan Witt has to be my favorite one, he's so exciting to watch and he brings some real leadership.

Staten Island


Tom Poti can make the biggest impact of all the new players. He is the best player we picked up. Tom can Q-Back the power play and I expect him to be strong defensively blocking shots like last year. Poti is a big, strong, skilled player who will show the Rangers they made a big mistake.  

Michael Gary

So far the newest Islanders that have stood out the most to me have been Kozlov, especially when he plays with Yashin and Simon. On defense, I've been impressed with Tom Poti's puck handling and passing. Kudos also to Sean Hill for some powerful hitting!



Viktor Kozlov has impressed me so far this year I did not realize he was so big. Mike Dunham is a great choice to back up DP.

Tony Chiappetta
Toronto Canada


A key acquisition for the Islanders was Viktor Kozlov because he is an incredibly talented player with great potential. He has communicated very well with Alexei Yashin, showing good chemistry. Viktor Kozlov has been the missing ingredient and can contribute toward a Stanley Cup.
Andres Gallo
Bayshore, NY


If Dunham stays healthy, he should have a winning record with the team he has around him, and should compete for the playoffs.

Paul Kreischer

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