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50 WORDS OR LESS: About Tuesday's Home Win Over the Rangers

by Staff Writer / New York Islanders
Fans love the new NYI, crave High Def TV

The morning after the Islanders beat the Rangers, 5-1, in their lone home exhibition game of the year at Nassau Coliseum, we wanted to know the reaction in Islanders Country. And whether it was about the event, the concessions, the lineup, the sensations or the broadcast, you let us know. Thank you to everyone who contributed.


When you haven't seen hockey in almost 16 months the first shift of any game is going to be exciting, but watching Alexei Yashin come over the blue line and rip a shot past Kevin Weekes in his first shift as captain was something even more special.

Dan Wittekind

Ticket to the game, $30.
Two hot dogs, two beers, $20.
Hockey back at the Coliseum and crushing the Rangers at the same time, priceless.

Stewart Milch

Anytime the Islanders beat the Rangers is a great experience for all Isles fans, due to the strong and never-ending rivalry we have with them. However, the fact that it was the first time in a while to see our "heroes" on the ice made it that much more special.
Jason Shank

Hempstead Turnpike. Nassau Coliseum. Lines at the Door. Home Again. Anticipation. Appreciation. Fans. Players. Smell the Ice. National Anthem. Home. Puck Drop. Speed. On the Fly. Shooting. Passing  Scoring. Again. New Faces. Old Faces. On the Ice. In the Stands. Yashin. Zhitnik. Campoli. Blake. Red Light. Crowd Roars. Raising Hands.

Andrew Gladstone
Far Rockaway

Let me break it down like this:
1. Hockey is back in Islander Country
2. First game at home = Islanders vs. Rangers
3. Islanders 5, Rangers 1
4. 3 goals on first 4 shots
5. Yashin scores first goal
6. Snow's save on Jagr
What more could you ask for?

Eoin Costello
Franklin Square

I thoroughly enjoyed the broadcast from the broadcast team, to the review of the new rules and the overall coverage of the game. My only disappointment was that the game was not in high definition. I hope that the Islanders will be working with Fox and MSG to bring the highest quality picture to fans watching the game at home for the ultimate viewing experience in high definition. 

Peter Michielini

THANK GOD!  I was so worked up, I couldn't even go to work. The new rules will take time to grasp, but this team looked like they'll be a quick study.  I missed my Starbucks lady, Vicky, as both Starbucks' and Sushi kiosks were closed.  All the employees looked happy and eager to assist.  I wanted more hoopla to welcome the boys back home, but I'm
sure you're holding that for 10/8. I can finally breathe again.  And it feels wonderful!
Dee Karl

Being unable to get to the Barn, I caught the game on TV. Little by little, that old feeling returned to me. First, Yashin's goal...slight palpitations...then Zhitnik's blast...palms begin to sweat...Zhitnik again...beads of perspiration on my thing you know, full blown Islander fever!!!!!

Chris Casper
Long Island

While sitting on my couch watching the Islanders for the first time since 2004 chills ran through my body.  Hockey is back, and I'm not dreaming.  The Islanders played great and got off to a fantastic start which set the tone of the game.  I love this game.

Will Motschwiller

My son and I walk into the Coliseum for the first time in over a year to watch the Islanders take on the Rangers.  The rink wasn't full, but the fans that came down more than made up for it.  The Islanders showed us the first step toward the Cup.

Mike Greenberg
New York



There couldn't have been a more perfect way to bring hockey back to New York and Long island. The Captain scores first, the new guys shine, the rooks impress, Joe's healthy and the Islanders crush the Rangers. It's been way too long since I've said this, LETS GO ISLANDERS!

Steven Erickson

Where are the pretzels?  I understand that the Islanders may win a game, or lose a game.  However, I knew I could always get a pretzel at the game.  I know it was pre-season, but the pretzels were sold out by the third.  Please, fix this.

Gregory Scolieri
East Meadow

The mere mention of a televised pre-season win over the hated Rangers--what a rush!!! It evidenced a swift-skating, solid D, sound goaltending, offensive juggernaut.  Nice mix of wily veterans with skilled newcomers.  This game is a foreshadowing of good things to come. 
Joe Mannucci
Old Bridge, NJ 

Rules WILL work. Action with no center ice traffic jam. New Isles are speedy and skilled. Early season advantage will go to teams that adapt the quickest and can stay out of the box. Unobstructed Yashin can get 50, Satan is God on the PP and mobile D-men spells PPG's.

James K Webb
Cornwall, NY

I watched the game on TV and it is a different game. The game had a fast pace. It was good to watch hockey again. I thought Joe Micheletti John Davidson and Sam Rosen did a great job broadcasting the game. It should be like that for every Islander-Ranger game. I like the way Joe brought an Islander view and John brought the Ranger view. Welcome Back, Hockey.

George Podmajersky

Captain Yashin scores, sets tone for game. York to Blake to back of net......Rangers didn't know what hit them. Satan, Sopel, and especially Zhitnik fantastic first impression. Snow stones Jagr brought me out of my seat. The prospects looked great. Rangers were awful, Ranger fans awfully quiet! Go Islanders!
Mike Gennarelli

The "NEW" New York Islanders reminded me of the "old" days of  Trottier, Bossy, and Gillies.  Pucks were flying into the net at a blistering pace.  To see it happen in the first game in more than a year against the Rangers made it even more unbelievable.  Watching the speed this team has is incredible. The new rules generated more penalties than anyone could imagine.  But I think this Islander team showed just might have what it takes to get out of the first round of the playoffs.  Good job, Mike Milbury.
Chris Tedesco

After a season without hockey, I would have expected at least a High Definition broadcast. I am also disappointed that there are no "Islander Broadcast" games in the preseason, as usual.  As far as the game, it was great to finally see an Islander game again. It's been too long.

John Niedzielski
Miller Place

Old time hockey. Rivalry continues. Game On.

Mitch Palmer
Phoenix, AZ

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