US High School and College Firsts

1967 – First U.S. College Player Drafted
Michigan Tech center Al Karlander was selected 17th overall by the Detroit Red Wings.

1979 – First U.S. College First- Round Selection
Minnesota-born defenseman Mike Ramsey (currently an assistant coach with the Minnesota Wild) was selected 11th overall by the Buffalo Sabres.

1980 – First U.S. High School Player Drafted
Center Jay North of Bloomington- Jefferson H.S. was taken 62nd overall by the Buffalo Sabres in 1980.

1981 – First U.S. High School First- Round Selection
Center Bob Carpenter of St. John’s prep school was selected third overall by Washington in 1981.

1983 – First U.S. High School Player Drafted First Overall
Minnesota North Stars selected left winger Brian Lawton from Mount St. Charles H.S. first overall in 1983.

1986 – First U.S. College Player Drafted First Overall
Detroit selected right winger Joe Murphy from Michigan State first overall in 1986.

2003 – Most U.S. College Players Selected in the First Round
The 2003 draft saw seven U.S. college players selected in the first round, the most in Entry Draft history. Six were selected in the first round in 2000 and four in 2001 and 2002. In addition, many players drafted in the first round from the USA U-18 and U-17 teams, high school and prep school programs, U.S. junior and Tier-2 Canadian junior go on to play college hockey.

European Draft Firsts

1969 – First European (and Finn)
LW Tommi Salmelainen, 66th overall by St. Louis.

1974 – First Swede
C Per Alexandersson, 49th overall by Toronto. Four other Swedish-born players were selected that year, including defenseman Stefan Persson, 214th overall by the NY Islanders, who became the first European-trained player to be part of a Stanley Cup winner with the Islanders in 1980.

1975 – First Russian
C Viktor Khatulev, 160th overall by Philadelphia.
1976 – First European Taken in the First Round
Swedish D Bjorn Johansson, 5th overall by the California Seals.

1976 – First Swiss
C Jacques Soguel, 121st overall by St. Louis.

1978 – First Czechoslovak
LW Ladislav Svozil, 194th overall by Detroit.

1978 – First Germans
G Bernard Englbrecht, 196th overall by Atlanta and F Gerd Truntschka, 200th overall by St. Louis.

1989 – First European Taken First Overall
Swedish C Mats Sundin, 1st overall by Quebec in 1989.