Physical Fouls

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Physical Fouls

This section will describe fouls of a physical nature committed against an opponent that may result in a penalty being assessed.


Restraining Fouls

This section will describe illegal tactics designed to slow down an opponent, either with or without the puck.


Stick Fouls

This section deals with fouls associated with a player using his stick in a manner that is meant to be aggressive, intimidating and potentially dangerous and generally not in a manner intended to play the puck.


Other Fouls

This section will describe fouls that don't specifically fit into the other sections of the rule book but can still result in penalties being assessed for a violation of the rules.


Game Flow

This section will illustrate the rules associated with how the game flows from whistle to whistle. It will explain why the game is stopped and re-started by the game officials.


Video Review

This section will describe the rules associated with the process of video review that is utilized for deciding the legitimacy of goals.