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Welcome to Los Angeles

by Paul Branecky / Carolina Hurricanes
Paul Branecky
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The first round of the draft is only two days away, and we’ve officially touched down in Los Angeles to begin our on-site coverage. You can tell by the picture below. Sure, I could have grabbed a better shot off of Google image search, but that would have been lazy. This is the real deal.

So far we’ve just been settling in, but I did get an opportunity to take in some sights around our hotel here in Hollywood. Perhaps it was more of a necessity, as 9:30 a.m. arrivals (local time) typically don’t lend themselves to immediate check-ins. Nonetheless, it was a good chance to take a walk down to the famous Chinese Theater and turn down numerous requests for bus tours of movie stars’ homes. Maybe tomorrow.

Back to our draft coverage, I’m hoping to host a Q&A in the form of a live chat sometime around 1 p.m. eastern time on Thursday, which I’m expecting to be mostly about the draft but can really go in whatever direction you want. Although something could come up, plan on that for now and keep your eyes on our Twitter and Facebook pages for confirmation and/or changes. I’ll make sure it’s easy to find on the site.

If all goes well, we’ll do it again during the first round of the draft on Friday night. I’ll be at the Staples Center answering your questions and posting some insight about the Canes’ pick, and Pete Soto from CanesVision will be on hand to post videos of our picks throughout the weekend.

Other things to look out for are the conclusion of our draft profile series Thursday morning, updates from the prospect’s media availability later that day and anything I can get from Jim Rutherford and the rest of the hockey staff here in L.A. in between. We should have plenty of articles, videos and photos between now and the end of Round 7 on Saturday.

Thanks for following us now and throughout the weekend, and if you have any questions about anything that you’d like to ask during tomorrow’s chat but can’t because you won’t be there, feel free to send them in advance to Even if you miss it, you’ll be able to read back over it later.

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