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Tweetmail No. 124: Thanksgiving Feast

by Michael Smith @MSmithCanes /

MONTREAL - Hello and welcome to a weekly feature on in which I take your Twitter questions about the Carolina Hurricanes or other assorted topics and answer them in mailbag form. Hopefully the final product is insightful to some degree, and maybe we have some fun along the way.

Let's get to it.

Tweet from @CCTheOaf: @MSmithCanes When was the last time the team actually ran off five straight W's?

After four straight wins to cap a five-game homestand and a 2-1 victory in Toronto on Tuesday, the Hurricanes are bringing their season-long, five-game winning streak to Montreal.

The last time the team had such a streak? It was in the 2013-14 season, and it started with the Hurricanes' 5-4 overtime win against the Montreal Canadiens on New Year's Eve. You might recall that thriller of a game. The Canes fell behind 3-0 in the first 40 minutes before scoring four straight goals in the first 8:16 of the third period to take the lead. P.K. Subban then tied the game at four about midway through the third. In overtime, Alex Semin scored the game-winner for the Canes in what was a raucous night at PNC Arena.

The team then went on to defeat Washington, the New York Islanders, Nashville and Toronto.

Tweet from @katecaniac: @MSmithCanes had to work & missed the first #Homegrown event. The W was great; your thoughts on promo overall? Hope to make the next one!

From my view, I thought it was fantastic. The t-shirts, as anticipated, were a big hit and sold out rather quickly. I walked through the concourse at one point, and the line for the chicken and waffles was wrapped around a corner. In that line were multiple people holding flights of Foothills beer. The poster and live music gave the night's proceedings more local flavor, and the Hurricanes capped the evening off with a win on the ice.

It was a fun, entertaining night that augmented the product on the ice with some of the best our local community has to offer. I'm already looking forward to the next Homegrown night on Friday, Dec. 30.

For those that made it to Friday's first Homegrown series game, what did you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Tweet from @presserofOZ85: @MSmithCanes saw Skinner had the 3rd "A" against Toronto. Is he a full-time Alternate now? #tweetmail

Jeff Skinner did indeed join Jordan Staal and Justin Faulk in wearing the "A" in Toronto. Typically, Victor Rask wears the "A" on the road and Skinner wears it at home, but there will be some one-off games in which the two trade. For example, Skinner wore it Tuesday night in Toronto as the hometown kid. You may see more of this in the future, or you may see the two swap where they wear the "A."

As an additional note, head coach Bill Peters said on Sunday that the Hurricanes would not name a captain this season, so these four alternates will remain.

Tweet from @goCanes_score: @MSmithCanes #Tweetmail Canes have state fair trip, Hawks a circus trip. I haven't heard of other teams' themed road trips...are there?

I would think most teams, at one point in the season or another, leave town while their building is being used otherwise. The Hurricanes do so when the State Fair is nearby in October, and there's usually an abbreviated circus trip in early February. If I had to guess, I would think a lot of teams have abbreviated circus trips as Ringling Bros. travels around the country. I know when the Canes were in Nashville earlier this month, the Predators were returning from a road trip while the Country Music Awards were in town. With how busy Madison Square Garden and Staples Center are, I'd imagine the Rangers and Kings have some prolonged trips due to arena usage, as well.

Tweet from @CanesNetfront: @MSmithCanes #Tweetmail what's the most underrated food that people eat on Thanksgiving?

This is a good question. I've pondered it for a bit and feel I have a suitable answer: ham.

Yes, ham is indeed an entrée at many Thanksgiving Day meals, but it's overshadowed by the main attraction of Thanksgiving, which is the turkey, of course - and that's what makes it underrated, because many might just pass it over in favor of turkey or an extra scoop of a side casserole.

Ham is an excellent Thanksgiving entrée go-to, and it would be on my plate if I were eating a traditional Thanksgiving meal tomorrow.

Instead, I'll have smoked meat and hot dogs, a true Montreal Thanksgiving.


Join me next week for more questions and more answers!

If you have a question you'd like answered or you'd like to hear more about #TeamTD's undefeated season that was capped with a title win (which you can watch here), you can find me on Twitter at @MSmithCanes or drop an email here.

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