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Junior Players Leave Camp

by Paul Branecky / Carolina Hurricanes
The first cuts from training camp were made this afternoon, just prior to tonight's game at home against the Capitals. 

Paul Branecky
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No big suprises - junior players are always among the first to go.  2007 draft choices Justin McCrae and Chris Terry, 2008 choices Samuel Morneau, goaltender Mike Murphy and Michal Jordan have gone, as have free agent tryouts Robert Slaney and Brett Theberge.

Although those seven are gone, three junior-eligible players remain - Drayson Bowman, Zach Boychuk and Brandon Sutter.  Those three are obviously the best of the bunch, but it's interesting to see that Boychuk will stay around even though his wrist likely won't allow him to appear in any preseason games.

After the first two games in the next two nights, more cuts will likely be made before Friday morning's practices.

An update on our streaming efforts for tonight - we'll have streaming video on the site regardless, but we're working on getting Mr. Kaiton's audio feed to sync up with the video.  Even if we can't get that running to the point where it won't drive you nuts while watching, we'll stream without commentary as we did for the Red/White game.

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