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Community: Weekend of Fun

by Doug Warf / Carolina Hurricanes
This past weekend was a great weekend for the Carolina Hurricanes and the Kids ‘N Community Foundation.

Doug Warf
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Canes Staff Volunteers
Friday and Saturday many Canes employees participated in the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce’s Young Professional Network Volunteer day. Approximately 10 different Canes staffers were at locations across Raleigh working with various non-profits.

I attended Marbles Kids Museum and was utilized in the “crop rotation” in the outdoor kid’s garden. My thumb is definitely not green, but this was still a great day. I worked with Jill from Paragon Bank to remove the spring/summer plants and then manually till the gardens. I had no clue that three hours of shoveling could make me that hot and tired. However, the gardens looked great and your kids can be part of planting the new fall plants his Labor Day weekend. Go down and reap the benefits of my back.

Hard Hat Comedy Tour
Saturday marked the Hard Hat comedy tour presented by Volvo Rents and ASC Construction. As you probably know by now. Volvo Rents and ASC are the title sponsor of this year’s Foundation golf tournament. However, they didn’t stop there. Saturday night they presented a check of $1,500 to the Kids ‘N Community Foundation, as well as hosted a silent auction that raised another $1,500 for the Foundation. $3,000 on one Saturday night in August is a terrific night for the KNCF. 

Furthermore, non-perishiable food items were collected at the door to benefit the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina. Over 733 pounds of food and $500 was collected for the Food Bank.

On top of the monetary donations, we were entertained by three great comedians. The comedians, who travel nationwide, happened to all live close to Raleigh. Their humor definitely hit home and entertained the sold out crowd at Raleigh Little Theatre.  

Friesen 5K
Sunday was the 4th Annual Friesen 5K. I remember when Pete told me that he wanted his “Cup Day” to be more than just a party. Being the fitness guru that he is, he wanted to use part of his one day with the Cup to encourage people to exercise. Who knew that just four years later he would be hosting a competitive annual run that saw over 2,000 participants. 

The course, though deceiving, is fairly uphill. The Canes players started in the front, but did not stay there. Pete had a few “ringers” in the crowd who blitzed the course that most found taxing. One 27-year-old man from Cary finished the course in 15 minutes and some change. That is just ridiculous.

From the Canes team, Chad LaRose took the cake. He was followed closely by Tim Conboy, Scott Walker and Nic Wallin. There were 16 players and coaches who attended the event, though not all competed in the full 3.2 miles. For those who were wondering, EVERY player who is currently in town was in attendance at the event (including Drayson Bowman and newly re-acquired Aaron Ward). And for the most part, all brought their significant others and kids (when applicable). 

Though not as well known, a few Canes staffers competed in the event and two did quite well.   Dan McGowan, the operations manager for the RBC Center (the guy who runs the quick floor changeovers) finished the course in a blistering 18 minutes and 30 odd seconds (Dan is truly an Ironman). Jon Chase (promotions), the man with great hair but terrible beard, finished in just over 20 minutes. Lagging behind nicely in the 25 minute range were Laura Caso, myself and Brian Tatum (in that order…yes, Laura…you won… this time). Finishing in a casual walk/run pace was the stroller-equipped Sundheim duo and the action-packed Brooke Baragona/Mari Jeter combo.

All in all, it was a great day with terrific weather. Personally, I thought the sun was way too close to the earth as I was running up Trinity Road…but maybe that was just me...though it seemed others were breathing heavier than normal by that point as well.

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society was the big winner of the day as the event will raise over $30,000 for our local chapter. 

It was terrific to talk to all the Canes fans who all seem equally excited about the upcoming hockey season. And, as this race always indicates, the season is just around the corner.

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