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Community: Sutter, Toys, Helmets and Cam

by Doug Warf / Carolina Hurricanes
This is definitely a busy, yet exciting, time of year for our community relations department. We are fast at work trying to finalize details for all of our holiday intitiatives. From hospital visits to adopting families, from senior center visits to PSA’s, our players and staff will be busy. 

Doug Warf
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As most everyone knows by now, the Kids ‘N Community Foundation’s Skate with the Canes goes on sale Monday and Tuesday. Another great fundraiser for the Foundation is our game night auctions. For Saturday’s game, we have a very unique item that should cause some fanfare.

Sutter Jersey for Auction this Saturday
Saturday, we will auction the first game jersey that Brandon Sutter wore for the Canes. His red number 14 jersey from the 2007-08 pre-season will be up for auction this Saturday night. 

Sutter, whose number 14 shifted to 16 once the Canes acquired Sergei Samsonov, did not see the regular season that year...but did get some good time during the pre-season. We dug up a few photos of Sutter wearing the jersey today and it is interesting to see the difference in body type in just two years. 

Wives Toy Drive
The wives and girlfriends of our Hurricanes players are continuing to stay active during the holiday season. They will be visiting senior center locations in December, purchasing and delivering toys to a few families in need as well as decorating a very cool Christmas tree for auction (more about this later). However, today, many wives took time to help us film a commercial for our upcoming December 16 BOGO toy drive.

The wives, despite a little hesitancy to be on camera, did a terrific job. The commercial should be cut next week and begin airing after Thanksgiving.

The Wives Toy Drive will allow Canes fans the opportunity to exchange a toy for a Buy One Get One Free voucher for the December 16 Canes game against the Dallas Stars. The toys are distributed to four local outlets: Salvation Army, Helping Hands Mission, Building Together Ministries and Toys for Tots.

Foundation Sticker on Game Helmets
It is a little small, and possibly hard to notice unless you are looking for it, but the Kids ‘N Community Foundation logo has made its way onto the players' helmets. Look on the back of the helmet in the bottom left corner (adjacent to their number, opposite the NHL shield) and you will see the Foundation’s heart logo. Until I find the correct way to market this, it is truly just about brand awareness, but I like to say that the players always have the community’s kids on their minds. Cheesy I know…but I am running with it. 

Cam’s Champs Launch
Cam Ward will officially “launch” the fourth year of
Cam’s Champs this Monday in the Canes locker room. This year, Cam has shifted the program a little. He is now providing a 12-person suite to Special Olympics North Carolina for 14 games this season. Eleven of those games are utilized by athletes from their six different areas and three of the games are used for auction by SONC to raise funds. After six of the 11 athlete games, the athletes will all come down to meet Cam at the locker room. Despite Cam’s injury, he still met with athletes following Thursday night’s exciting shootout win. 

Another cool addition to this year’s version of Cam’s Champs is an online auction. Cam will take over our auction page on the and auction some of his most unique game-used items with all proceeds benefiting SONC. Just today, I was given his most recent game-worn mask. This awesome mask will be the feature item of Cam’s online auction. I will make sure I update everyone in advance of the mask and other items going “live”.

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