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Community: Hurricanes Beard-a-Thon

by Doug Warf / Carolina Hurricanes
The return of playoff hockey to the Triangle means an increase in great things like tailgating, Ric Flair impersonations, bad jokes regarding Stormy and bar-b-que, and of course…the playoff beard.

Doug Warf
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This year, you can not only grow a sweet playoff beard, but you can help raise money for the Kids ‘N Community Foundation at the same time. 


The Carolina Hurricanes will be hosting an on-line “Beard-a-thon” at  This is a simple concept that encourages fans to grow playoff beards. You can post the pictures of your personal chia pet project on-line and have your friends and family pledge you money to see how far you can take it.  

All of the money is donated to the Carolina Hurricanes Kids ‘N Community Foundation and is tax deductible. As you know the Kids ‘N Community Foundation has donated over $506,000 this year to 43 different children’s non-profits across North Carolina. The money raised during this playoff season will be distributed in October of 2009. We already know of several great organizations who are in dire need of funding, so every dollar will be a big help.

Can’t grow a beard? That’s fine, you can go to the and vote for your favorite beards. You can even use the site to upload a picture of yourself and build your own beard. This works for any female Caniac, young Caniac, or male Caniac who grows a beard like some folks here at the Canes office (yes PJ Avetta, we are looking at you). 

Will the players participate? Yes, many Canes players will naturally grow playoff beards. We will continually update the site with photos of their growth so that you can track, and rate, their progress. 

Why should you grow a beard? Let me start by saying, I do not encourage any female Caniacs to grow a beard. Though it might create a lot of traffic on the site, I will be happy if our females continue to keep it classy. 

For those males who are not follicly challenged, here are my top 5 reasons:

  1. It’s the ultimate sign that the Canes are in the playoffs. Without doubt, people will comment about your follicle foray and you can simply respond with “Go Canes”.
  2. It can help raise money for the children in our community
  3. Shaving is a pain and razor burn is no one’s friend. We all hate shaving and everyone always wonders “what would I look like with an awesome beard”. Also, if you tell your wife/significant other that you are raising money for children’s charities, they will be more understanding.
  4. You can save money on razor blades. Those aren’t cheap these days.
  5. You look smarter when you rub your bearded chin

Are there rules for starting/maintaining the playoff beard?

Like the age-old debate of who invented the crowd “wave” sensation, there are a few ideas of who started the tradition of the playoff beard. However, those that I trust point to the Islanders dynasty of the early 80’s. 

Now, coming out of that dynasty, there are few different rules of thought. 

The overriding, dominant rule is that you start the beard after the regular season is complete and you do not shave until you are knocked out of the playoffs. 

There are some men who only need one cartridge of razor blades for a year…and then there are some who need a cartridge a month. For those who have voracious beard, and a professional job, another rule of thought is that you can either shave, or trim, after your team wins. 

For those of you who might say I am being too lenient, this is something that was relayed/suggested to me by Ron Francis. Ron played, and won two cups, with Bryan Trottier. Trottier was a member of those legendary Islanders teams that are credited with starting the tradition. It was Trottier who said you could shave after each win but not after losses.

Now, I think that is the easy way out, not to mention it is somewhat hard to explain. 

In 2006 I grew the full beard, sans the neck growth. I did take the opportunity to trim each time we advanced a round (that trim was greatly needed). However, I also did not touch my head hair. Yes, it was a little hot, and by the end it was a hot mess, but man was it an awesome run. 

Starting tonight, I will put away the razor a little early this year so I can start in the Beard-a-thon. There are some who started when we clinched on Saturday, and there are some who will start at some point in the next week. 

I hope everyone who can, will think about participating. Joking aside, it is a great time of year, and the cause couldn’t be better.

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