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Community: Continue the Hairiness

by Doug Warf / Carolina Hurricanes
In my last blog I mentioned two great events featuring the launch of our NHL Diversity team and the conclusion of another year of Pick Up a Book and Read. I am happy to announce that both events went very well and we will have video proof very soon (thanks to the great folks at Canesvision).

Doug Warf
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I was personally thankful for the hockey clinic Thursday afternoon for many reasons…one of which is allowed me to burn off some nervous energy before the start of Game 7. If you are ever struggling with that, be sure to challenge some kids to a game of street hockey.

Thanks to a captivating Game 7, this great run continues…and so do the beards

How is your beard?
Did you trim up last night? If you trimmed between rounds one and two, you need to do it again before 7:30 p.m…after that…you are out of luck.

The break came at an opportune time for me as I had a wedding to attend to. I trimmed a bit so that I would be presentable but I am sure it will be back to a hot mess in a day or two. 

Player Beards
There has been some movement in the player beard donation rankings. The new top 10 looks like this.
Scott Walker
Niclas Wallin
Dennis Seidenberg
Matt Cullen

I am a numbers guy…so here are some facts that I found somewhat interesting:

From the day of Game 7 to today the following happened:

  • Jokinen and Staal entered the top 10. Jokinen jumped three spots and Staal jumped one.
  • For two to move in, two had to move out. Joe Corvo now leads the “others receiving votes” category with $133, while Whitney is 12th with $124.50.
  • Cam Ward also jumped two spots to crack the top 5. Seidenberg and Gleason each moved down one spot to make way for Wardo. 
  • There is only a 50 cent difference now in the battle for 2nd with Walker and Wallin and there is a 50 cent difference between Jokinen and Staal for the battle for 9th. 
  • Erik Cole received the biggest monetary increase over this time as he jumped $55. However, that monetary jump only took him from 15th to 14th (due to contributions to Bayda and Conboy).
  • At the end of round one, player contributions raised $2,291.85
  • At the end of round two, players contributions raised $3,116.52 (5/14)
  • By the start of round three (5/18), players have raised $3,530.47
  • Two of the highest rated beards by puck have the lowest donation. Ryan Bayda and Erik Cole both have 3 ratings, but Cole is in 14th in fundraising at $108 and Bayda is 15th with $83. Only four other people have a “3” rating and they are 4 of the top 5 fundraising beards. Scott Walker is the only player in the top 5 who does not a puck rating of 3.
  • No player has a puck rating of 4. What do Cole, Bayda and Wallin need to do to get the respect of the beard judges?

As a team we are doing well. 

All four of the remaining teams are participating in the Beard-a-thon and the Eastern Conference is dominating the West. We are currently at $43,682 and the Penguins lead the way with $74,883. The Red Wings are languishing behind with $11,671 while the Blackhawks have crept up to $15,631.

The only team that has been eliminated that outgrew us was Boston…who cleared $83,331 by the end of their run. Now, let’s catch those Penguins.

I have obviously been having fun with this. We will continue to madness later this week with a special incentive time. Keep your eyes open for that info. 

Round Three Koozies
We will have the artwork soon, but the Round Three koozies are in production. This round will again feature two photos. One photo depicts the celebration immediately following Scott Walker’s game-winning overtime goal This picture features Walker, Staal and Seidenberg. 

The second picture captures Cam Ward and Tim Thomas shaking hands after the round was over. Two premiere goalies who took a quick moment to acknowledge the other’s high-caliber ability. 

The koozies should be here in time for our first home game and they will again be $3. We are sold out of Round One koozies but we do still have a limited amount of Round Two koozies (depict goals 3 and 4 from Game 7 vs NJD).

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