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Community: Can't Hurt the Heart of the Canes

by Doug Warf / Carolina Hurricanes
Martin Brodeur, who I have been a fan of for a long time, really helped the Kids ‘N Community Foundation last night. His stick slam has been shown on highlight packages throughout North America today…and what sign does he slam against…you got it, the Kids ‘N Community Foundation’s “Heart of the Hurricanes” on-ice dasher board.

Doug Warf
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No worries though, unlike the stick, the sign is still in great condition. 

Our team photographer captured a great photo (below) that is now the wallpaper on my computer. 

Speaking of the heart of the Hurricanes, the fans were great last night. I have to commend everyone for responding so well once the game was tied. ALSO, the Canes fans showed their true heart yesterday responding to my beard-a-thon blog challenge.

Player Beard Update
Before yesterday’s blog, there were 13 Canes players registered on our Beard-a-thon page that had $0 donations. Today, ALL 18 players have a donation. A special thanks to Cynthia Fulbright for making sure all players had donations…but a BIG thanks to everyone who has really pushed the donations along.

Somewhat expected, Chad LaRose shot to the top of the leader board in monetary donations, currently around $200. The “Secret Weapon” is true on and off the ice as Nic Wallin is second with $184. Tuomo Ruutu is a clear third with $149 and then Scott Walker, Cam Ward and Eric Staal are bunched tightly in the $55 range.

The “rating” is somewhat skewed once you update the photos, but there are only four players to rate above a “2” on the rating. Those are Wallin, Conboy, Ward and Corvo. I agree with three of those four (where are Bayda and Cole though…those are tough beards they grow).  

I updated all of the player photos from last night so be sure to check out the new shots. There are some great new photos for LaRose, Bayda, Seidenberg and of course, Jokinen’s winner. 

Where does your favorite player currently rank? Maybe you can be like one donor, Kerri, who donated 59 cents each day to Chad LaRose. Nice creativity Kerri. 

Blogger Beard Update
About 90 minutes before the puck dropped last night, I was joined by Mike Sundheim, Paul Branecky and Jon Chase on the ice for a “blogger Beard-off” photo update. We chose the on-ice Kids ‘N Community Foundation dasher board as the location of our shot. Who knew that roughly four hours later, the heart logo would look like a target for flying chucked sticks. 

If judging our beards by the merits of the beard-a-thon web site, I am happily the leader in donations and beard score. However, my score of 2 is slightly better than everyone else’s one…nothing to brag about. And, I am the executive director of the foundation…so I guess I am expected to try to fundraise more…whatever…I have to take pride in something. 

Honestly, I think Mike Sundheim and I are in a tight race. Paul has a good beard, but is somewhat hurt by the light hair. Jon…we are glad he is participating…and hey, he is doing a great job in fundraising. Mike and I are finally lucky in this competition due to our dark hair (yes I know, salt and pepper for both of us…more salt for me than Mike). I think I have Mike beat in the “goatee” area…but I think he wins the race on the sides. 

Like this series, it should be a long and interesting battle.

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