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Community: 48 Hour Drive to $55,000

by Doug Warf / Carolina Hurricanes



Starting this Wednesday, May 20 at Noon and running 48 hours until Friday, May 22 at Noon, we will have an incentive-driven promotion surrounding the Beard-a-thon. 

The prizes are top-shelf and the ways to become eligible are very simple (both listed below). The goal is to increase our total amount raised (roughly $45,000) to $55,000.

Doug Warf
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Grand Prize
The grand prize is a replica Carolina Hurricanes stick that is signed by the 2008-09 Carolina Hurricanes team. This grand prize will be awarded to the beard grower who raises the most funds during the 48 hour time period designated above.

You could be a complete sandbagger and have raised $0 to this point and walk away with a sweet beard and an awesome team signed stick. All you need to do is activate your friends and family during this 48 hour time frame (and lay off the razor). 

4 “Random Prizes”
Ok, so you might not feel like you can win the grand prize…well you can still EASILY be eligible to win one of the four other prizes awarded during this 48 hour blitz. 

To be eligible, you simply need to do ONE of the following Four things:

  • Donate to someone’s beard- donate to your favorite player, donate to a friend, donate to the best looking beard you see on There is no set amount so donate 25 cents a day, $5 overall…whatever you long as you donate, you are entered. If you can’t decide who to donate to, I know a guy that is nearly in the top 5 that would love some help.
  • Create a page for your beard- It is not too late to show your support…or, perhaps you have been growing a beard but you haven’t created a page. If you simply create a page during this 48 hour window, you will be entered to win. For the female participants, there are several women on the site who have creatively entered into the contest (fake beards, photoshopped beards, etc). Feel free to join the fun. 
  • Have someone pledge your beard- Are you currently growing a beard? If so, simply have someone else pledge your beard and then you are BOTH eligible for the prizes.
  • Upload your contacts – If you are a current beard grower, all you need to do is send a few e-mails out using your page. Simply sign in to your page and upload at least one e-mail address…send out that e-mail requesting funds and you are eligible to win.   

The 4 Prizes up for grabs to all who participate are as follows:

    1. 2006 replica Stanley Cup Finals Game 7 Puck autographed by ERIC STAAL
    2. Replica Carolina Hurricanes stick autographed by Tuomo Ruutu
    3. 8x10 glossy photograph autographed by Ray Whitney
    4. 8x10 glossy photograph autographed by Scott Walker

All of the names from those eligible will be compiled into one spreadsheet. We will select four names from that spreadsheet Friday evening. Those four lucky people are then the winners of the various prizes (plus the grand prize winner). 

And those are some great prizes. That Game 7 puck is something that any collector would want to have. Who knows, if we hit our goal of increasing our total to $55,000, I might throw in another prize or two. 

How is the Hurricanes Beard-a-thon doing?
Simply put, we are doing very well. As a team, we rank third out of the nine teams who participated. The Bruins have run away with the total as they raised over $93,000. 

Obviously, we have played longer than some teams, but of the four remaining teams, only the Penguins have outpaced us. The Penguins currently have just over $75,000. 

However, Chicago is very similar to Boston in that it is an orginal six team that has not had playoff success in a while. Yet Chicago has not caught the beard fever as they have raised about $16,000. The Red Wings are now just over $12,000. 

So, yes, we are 3rd out of nine teams that participated and we are 2nd out of the four remaining. We beat the Caps, though it was a tight race…and we are continuing to grow

Thanks to everyone who has participated and thanks in advance to everyone who will participate.

How far does $50K go?
$50,000 will go a very LONG way to a grant this fall. For example, that is enough to fund one ENTIRE after-school learning center for the duration of one full school year. That is roughly 25 kids who will receive DAILY help with their education, physical activity and nutrition. That kind of support is truly priceless. 

For information regarding who has recently received money from the Kids ‘N Community Foundation, please check here.

The Kids ‘N Community Foundation has donated over $1 million over the past two seasons and we look to continue that level of giving next season thanks to the generous support we have received all year long.

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