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Blogger Beard-Off

by Paul Branecky / Carolina Hurricanes
Mike Sundheim and Doug Warf have already mentioned this in previous blogs over the last few days, but the four of us (those two, myself and Jon Chase) are having a friendly (maybe) competition for playoff beard growth as part of the team's new Beard-a-thon fundraiser.

Paul Branecky
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First off, I’m not trying to fool anyone. I can do OK on the sides of my face, but don’t have a whole lot going on in the moustache department. The crown will more than likely go to Mike or Doug in what should actually be a pretty interesting and intense race. That leaves Jon and I to battle it out for third place and avoid the embarrassment of finishing last.

That being said, I would like to point out that Jon is a cheater and stopped shaving when the team clinched a spot on Saturday. I can see the reasoning behind that, as long as you’re not in a competition with people who are starting almost a week later. For those readers who enjoy fair play and good sportsmanship, I recommend voting for and hopefully donating to me. All those who kick their golf balls closer to the hole when no one is looking are welcome to vote for Jon.

Speaking of cheaterface (literally!), here’s Jon's plea for votes.

"I enter this Blog Beard Off as a major underdog.  My facial hair grows slower than an 8th grader. It moves at a dial up pace in a high speed internet world. Unfortunately for my pride and I it elects to NOT come in at select locations on my face. I make Joaquin Phoenix’s beard look like one of the all-time greats. And to be completely honest, I look terrible! Or as Charles Barkley says, “Turrible!” But I will always jump at the chance to promote the Canes run in the playoffs, donate money to a good cause and take advantage of the opportunity not to shave!

To my co-workers, fellow bloggers and Caniac beard growers, I wish you nothing but luck. I hope that your beards grow so bushy that by the end of the Canes run you are not even recognized by your closest family members and friends. To my fellow patchy beard growers, stay strong, keep the faith and remember there is such a thing as a ‘beard comb over.”

Hide the razors. Cut the cords. Find other uses for your shaving crème. It’s beard time!"

We'll update our progress as we go along on our Beard-a-thon pages.  Here's a group "before" picture taken before last night's game that you can use for comparison's sake, and that we can use as an album cover once we make it big.

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