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On The Road Running Blog: Behind The Scenes With The Golden Knights

Go behind the scenes as the team begins its season on the road in Dallas and Arizona

by Dan Marrazza @GoldenKnights /


Thursday, October 5: 6:04 PM (CT)

A little rush hour traffic, but we're in our hotel. Easy check in.

The way it works in the NHL, envelopes are waiting for everybody, team and staff, at a table upon arrival. On the envelopes are everybody's names.

All you have to do to check in is grab the envelope on the table. No front desk, no anything.

Way easier this way.

Also some bottle of water and other healthy snacks. We at aren't big on healthy snacks, though. We're going off to our rooms. Team dinner in about an hour and a half. We're going to try to watch some of the hockey games and MLB playoffs.

Then off to the rink, bright and early tomorrow!

We'll catch up with you again here when we take off after the game for Arizona!

Thursday, October 5: 5:34 PM (CT)

Our two-and-a-half hour flight got in about 20 minutes early, but we lost two hours traveling east into the Central Time Zone.

As a result, it's already after 5:00 here in Dallas. But nonetheless, we are here!



It'll be about a 20-minute bus here to our hotel, about a mile from the arena in downtown Dallas.


Thursday, October 5: 12:44 PM (PT)

Our group arrived at the airport a few minutes ago. Our flight for Dallas will be taking off in about 15 minutes.

Tomorrow, the Golden Knights will be playing the first regular-season game in franchise history.

Right now, however, the atmosphere is a unique combination of upbeat and somber.

Upbeat that training camp is over, and the team will finally be playing games that count. And for the organization.

Sixteen months ago, Las Vegas was granted an NHL franchise. From building a hockey team to building a business, it's been a long process. Finally seeing it pay off with the team's schedule beginning is gratifying from the locker room to the front office, and everywhere in the organization in between.

But it's also somber right now.


As we leave from the airfield adjacent to McCarran Airport, this is many of the team's staff's first trip down to The Strip since Sunday's tragedy. In the near distance, in view from our plane, is the Mandalay Bay.

It's just another reminder that while yes, all the Golden Knights are is a hockey team. And in the grand scheme of things, there are things in life that are way more important than sports.

At the same time, in moments of tragedy, sports have a unique way of bonding cities together.

As the Golden Knights depart for tomorrow's game in Dallas and Saturday's in Arizona, it's with the knowledge that this team represents more than just themselves. More than ever before, this team's hope is to represent this city.



That even as the recovery process may forever be ongoing, to attempt to provide just a brief distraction from people's everyday lives.

In this space, we'll take you behind the scenes when this team is not in Las Vegas.

About two-and-a-half hours on the plane to Dallas here.

We'll have more to come soon.

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