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Karlsson and Hnidy Take on Wingate Test

The daunting bike test is a usual in Karlsson's offseason workouts

by Gordon Weigers @GoldenKnights /

For many people, the Wingate Test is a stationary bike experience that many will avoid at all costs. For others, it's a yearly experiment to gauge anaerobic capacity.

For William Karlsson and many other professional hockey players, it's part of any other workout.

The Golden Knights forward took team broadcaster Shane Hnidy through one of his offseason workouts while Hnidy and members of the Vegas staff are in Stockholm for the team's VGK Worldwide Sweden initiative.

Hnidy, who played 550 games in the NHL, was up to joining Karlsson for the workout and he said he understood quickly why the center is among the faster players in the league. The Wingate was something that Hnidy was never eager to do in his NHL training camps.

"I'm familiar with the test, that's why I dreaded it so much," Hnidy said. "It basically measures your conditioning level. Henrik, the trainer here, said that William has incredible anaerobic ability."

The test consists of 30 seconds of intense pedaling with a resistance of 10 percent of the athlete's bodyweight followed by 240 seconds of rest. Hnidy said that when players perform this test at camp to establish baseline levels for their conditioning, they do one rep of 30-45 seconds and that's it. In Sweden, once is not enough.

"It's usually only done once for 30-45 seconds as a test, but, here in Sweden, they do it six times," Hnidy said. "I was lucky enough to get through two."

To Hnidy's credit, he felt that two more 30-second stints would have been possible, but he "wanted to be able to stand up the rest of the day."

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