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Ice Crew And Promo Team Finalists Are In

Be on the lookout for more information about both teams in coming days, and as we head toward the season

by Dan Marrazza @GoldenKnights /

Thursday, August 24: 5:00 PM

At this point, the team is starting to have a good idea who will be part of its ice crew. Here are the finalists.


We also have our finalists for our promo team.


We'll have more content about these two squads in coming days, and as we head toward the season. 


Thursday, August 24: 12:21 PM

There's still a few candidates in City National Arena right now, finishing tryout stuff up. But for the most part, things are kind of wrapped here, with judges from the organization currently deliberating.

Here's a look at some of what's transpired since yesterday morning.

Video: Tryouts to join the Golden Knights ice crew continue


Thursday, August 24: 9:13 AM

As we sit here in City National Arena, it's hard not to think about what's in store for this facility in the future.

Besides being the practice rink of the Golden Knights, it'll also be the home arena for UNLV hockey. The Vegas Jr. Golden Knights will also call this building home, as will various youth, adult and tournaments.

In hockey, the morning skate is part of the tradition.

On game days, teams assemble in the morning for a brief, approximately 30-minute skate. Full gear, but not much intensity. 

In the old days, when morning skates were established, it's been said they were implemented by coaches who wanted to keep their players from spending long nights on the town the evening before games.

These days, athletes are a little more disciplined, although the tradition persists.

The time after morning skates is often an important window of time for the media to interview players, either about that night's game or for a larger story.

The Golden Knights will have hundreds of morning skates at City National Arena.

Although our ice crew's first session on Thursday doesn't have the same intent as an NHL team morning skate, it did seem notable to us as we watched it.

After all, this was the first morning skate in City National Arena history.


Tweet from @GoldenKnights: Our players will have many more of them here. But our ice crew hopefuls are doing the honors with the 1st morning skate at @CityNatlArena��


Thursday, August 24: 8:21 AM

We're just about to get going today.

Before we do, we think it's important to remember that our ice crew is just one piece in the organization's game presentation puzzle.

This is Vegas, after all. So all forms of in-game entertainment must be world class.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal's John Katsilometes stopped by to discuss his expectations for our in-game presentation this season.


Video: What to expect from VGK's in-game presentation


Wednesday, August 23: 4:44 PM

We just finished up for the day a few minutes ago. We'll resume a little after 8:00 tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow, much of the focus will be geared toward putting our contestant on the ice. While physical fitness and team spirit are important, one's ability to maneouver around the ice is vital.

It's kind of the whole purpose of an ice crew.

We'll see how tomorrow goes. As of today, there seem to be quite a few strong candidates.


Wednesday, August 23: 3:37 PM

As you watch these young men and women interview, it's hard not to empathize with the pressure they're under.


If you were in front of a room of judges, with a crowd of potential competitors (and future teammates) surrounding you, and you were given 60 seconds to state why you deserved a job, what would you say?


Tweet from @GoldenKnights: One minute, three reasons to say why you want to be a member of the Golden Knights ice crew.Here's what one candidate said.And go!


Wednesday, August 23: 2:34 PM

Second group of the day just got going a few minutes ago.

For the most part, the second group today will do the same things as the morning session. They were only divided due to the sheer amount of interested parties, and breaking it up into multiple groups makes it easier for each applicant to get a full review.

Most of the tests are based around physical fitness and interviewing ability. 

Do the applicant have the ability to move around the ice? Will they be able to represent the Golden Knights in the community in a positive manner?

Here's an example of one interview from today, which was judged as having been a good interview.


Video: Tryouts have begun for the Golden Knights Ice Crew


Wednesday, August 23: 1:17 PM

Our morning group got out of here a little while ago. We'll have another tryout session this afternoon, though. That'll begin in about an hour.

Wednesday, August 23: 10:46 AM

As much as our ice crew will serve a practical purpose by shoveling the ice at T-Mobile Arena during stoppages in play, they'll also be ambassadors for the team in the community.

Right now, our morning groups are doing video interviews, where by being asked questions, they demonstrate their ability to think on the fly and answer in an upbeat, positive manner.

Here's an example of how a candidate's answer may look.


Tweet from @GoldenKnights: A behind-the-scenes look at our ice crew tryouts, currently in session at @CityNatlArena.


Wednesday, August 23: 9:26 AM

After a brief fitness warmup this morning, our candidates have broken off into smaller groups. First task is being given a minute, in front of an audience, to tell the Golden Knights why they want to join our ice crew.

 Tweet from @GoldenKnights: First tryout group is in for their interviews to join our inaugural ice crew.

Wednesday, August 23: 8:04 AM

For some hockey teams, summer is a slow time of the year.

This doesn't apply to the Vegas Golden Knights.

With the club now only 34 days from its first home (preseason) game at T-Mobile Arena, the next two days are being dedicated to preparing our arena's in-game experience.

For the next two days, we're holding tryouts for our ice crew at City National Arena, our team's new practice facility.

 Tweet from @GoldenKnights: .@CityNatlArena is all ready to host this week's tryouts for the Golden Knights' inaugural ice crew��


Right now, there are some applicants that are beginning to come in and register. We'll probably get going in the next 10 minutes or so.

We expect upwards of 100 young men and women to tryout here, so it should be a fun couple days.

This will be the spot to keep up to date with how the tryouts are going. Stay tuned!

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