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Halloween Special For First-Year Golden Knights

The team celebrated Halloween for the first time together earlier this week

by Dan Marrazza @GoldenKnights /

Ahead of the Golden Knights' game against the Avalanche on Friday and subsequent 12-day road trip, members of the team gathered on Wednesday night for their first annual Halloween bash.

If it's never happened before, we guess that makes it first annual?


As the team gathered and shared a picture of all the Golden Knights players in costume, there were many questions.

My god, there were questions!

Who the heck is the Panda!

Did someone really go as Pennywise, the killer clown from Stephen King's It?

And is that Harambe!?

We did some hard-hitting investigating, and here's what we found out.

Video: Golden Knights players comment on the Halloween party


Pennywise (killer clown)

 This is in fact James Neal, As in "The Real Deal" James Neal, the Golden Knights' leading scorer.

"That was scary," Nate Schmidt said. "I actually had nightmares. He was in my dream last night.

"What he would do is kind of stand behind people. And you'd turn around and he'd be right in your face. Then he had his gold balloon. I haven't seen the movie. I lived it.

"I don't like haunted houses or scary things. Scary movies. Oscar Lindberg goes: 'I've seen that movie and it freaked me out.'

"Best costume was James Neal. I didn't like it, though. Too scary."


Actually, this wasn't Harambe, we were told. This is Tomas Nosek, who actually went as King Kong.

Although we though it looked like Harambe, Nate Schmidt thought it was Harambe and so did our followers online.

That makes it Harambe, if you ask us.


This is Malcolm Subban. Don't worry, this makes no sense to us, either.



Tweet from @GoldenKnights: Seriously, Hocus Pocus had a talking cat. Malcolm Subban is a talking panda ��

Masked Man (bottom right)

With his face entirely concealed by a mask, this is defenseman Brad Hunt, who tells us he got this one together by simply going to a costume store and paying about $50.

Nothing too complicated there.

Except he was kind of hard to identify.

Although there were others, such as Marc-Andre Fleury as a green army man (dead center), and Pierre-Edouard Bellemare, who went as a battery, along with his wife who went as an Energizer Bunny, that stood out, these were the costumes we had to clear up.

Just too much confusion amongst our followers.

We invite you to tweet us @GoldenKnights to let us know which costume you liked best. We'll be sure to share our findings with the persons involved, so bragging rights can be properly distributed!

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