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Development Camp Blog Part 5 - Ryder Donovan

Development Camp is presented by Martin-Harris Construction

by Ryder Donovan @GoldenKnights /

Are we sure that camp is actually over?

This development camp went by so fast and it's crazy to think that now it's done. But one whirlwind week is going to go such a long way for me in the near and the distant future.

Last night we went down to the Bellagio to see "O" from Cirque du Soleil. I had no idea what to expect there, but some of the guys like Slava Demin have been to shows like that before so they knew what to expect. I thought it was like an opera or something like that, but when I was watching it, I was so impressed by the entire thing. The acrobatics and stunts the performers were doing were just unbelievable. Shows like that are a staple of this city and it's so cool that they put an emphasis on seeing all that Las Vegas has to offer.

Our last day was the final scrimmage of camp and my Team White had some work to do after yesterday's showing. We went down 2-0 in the first period and we wanted to battle back. I ended up scoring in the second period and we took a 3-2 lead, but the Gray team stole the 4-3 win.

It doesn't matter that we lost today, I'm just so happy with how everything went. I've picked up so many things to do on the ice that will make my summer training so much better. Away from the ice, the organization helped me come up with a plan for eating right and working out so I can succeed in my first year at Wisconsin.

The rest of my summer is pretty relaxing. I've already started classes back in Madison and I've been skating with the other Badgers players.

My message to the fans and the city of Las Vegas is this: keep doing exactly what you're doing. You were unbelievable to us this week and I know that passion is there for the team year-round. This organization is still only taking off and it's just going to get bigger. There's a great thing going here.

Thank you for reading along during this unforgettable week!


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