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Development Camp Blog Part 4 - Ryder Donovan

by Ryder Donovan @GoldenKnights /

We only hit the ice once today and it was for our second scrimmage of the week. I felt so much better than I did yesterday, the legs didn't cramp up once. But our fans didn't get to see as many goals as yesterday and I wish we could've scored a few more. We'll find some more goals for them tomorrow for sure.

What today's game lacked in goals it made up for with some chippy hockey. Guys didn't want to give someone else space to make a play and it made for a much more competitive game.

We lost today, 3-0, but I got to shoot in the shootout afterwards. Mick Messner told me to go five-hole on Patera, and I was going to, but when I got in close, I had to abort mission. I thought I deked him enough to score but I put my shot right into his blocker. Of course, on the next shot Messner scored five-hole.

It's fun playing with a melting pot of players during this camp. You've got guys like me going to college, guys playing in Quebec, Ontario, all over Canada and even in Europe. You realize how many good players there are competing for such few spots in the NHL. But those guys are so cool; once you get to know them and play on the same team, you become buddies.

My roommate, Mason Primeau, and I were in a video after the scrimmage where we answered questions about the other guy to see how many we could get right. He and I are good buddies now, but we've only known each other for six days so some of the questions were tough. I think I got 3-out-of-6 right about him which isn't bad I don't think.

The Golden Knights made their second trade in three days which had the boys talking a little bit. We're all so lucky to be here but trades and things like that make you see the business side of being a hockey player. It was eye-opening for us.

I've been thinking about all the healthy eating I've done this week. It's been so good for me, but I wish I could just mix in a little popcorn or something after those hard skates. I think this camp is training me to want those healthier foods, but sometimes you need a snack, you know?

The rest of our night consists of some of the cool things that Vegas has to offer. We're heading down to the strip as a team to see "O" down at the Bellagio. I'm so pumped to walk around that place and see what one of the world's most famous hotels looks like on the inside. The show is going to be so cool; Vegas is known for having amazing shows.

I can't believe all we have is tomorrow's scrimmage and then we're all done. I still have a few exit meetings to talk with some coaches and advisors about different things about my game and my development. I'm looking forward to the last scrimmage and I'm hoping to bury one or two to help Team White get the last win.

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