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Behind The Vegas Ice Episode 4 Recap

Wednesday's debut episode went behind the scenes with Reid Duke and into the Golden Knights' "war room"

by Dan Marrazza @GoldenKnights /

What do hockey players talk about?

No, not what they talk about in interviews, when they know they're in the public eye.

You know, what do they really talk about?

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In Episode 4 of Behind The Vegas Ice, which debuted on Wednesday evening on Cox 96, we find out what hockey players talk about, at least when it comes to the Golden Knights.

With the show's crew visiting Reid Duke with his junior team in Brandon, Man., we're taken behind the scenes as the first Golden Knight and the NHL's probable first pick in the 2017 NHL Draft, Nolan Patrick, discuss our expansion franchise.

"Do you know when you're going down for development camp or anything," Patrick asked Duke. "What do the even do? How many player are they going to have?"

Video: Watch highlights of the Golden Knights' Reid Duke


Watching Duke attempt to candidly answer these questions - without complete clarity, himself - for his high-profile teammate, we get a glimpse into the curiosity with which active players look at the Golden Knights.

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Especially when compared to other franchises, where the team's way of conducting business is well established, we see the inquisitive manner in which young players are beginning to view the Golden Knights.


Tweet from @GoldenKnights: All of the Golden Knights recently joined in on the NHL tradition of playing some pregame soccer. ��


Here are a couple other notable sequences that we saw in Episode 4.     

It also should be noted that after Behind The Vegas Ice didn't air a new episode in March, it will return for Episode 5 in May.

Until the start of the 2017-18 season, Behind The Vegas Ice will be debuting one new episode per month, with reruns being available on Cox 96 (1096 in HD)

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1. The Golden Knights Become Official

What allowed the Golden Knights to sign Duke on March 6 was the team's expansion process being completed earlier in the month.

Behind The Vegas Ice goes behind the scenes as Bill Foley completes his final pieces of paperwork to make the team official.

It also shows Foley meeting with the team's staff, where he makes an early suggestion on what the team's rallying cry should be.

Invoking, of course, his alma mater at West Point.

"Here's to the men that win the Cup, may they be kind and true," Foley said. "And may they bring their children up to don the black, gold and gray, too."

This plays off a popular Army rallying cry:

"Here's to the men that win the Cup, may they be kind and true. And may they bring their godson up to don the Army blue."

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Video: A look at the 2017 Expansion Draft rules


2. Into The War Room

To date, Reid Duke is the only player that Vegas has under contract.

But with the team becoming official on March 1, the team's hockey operations staff now has the opportunity to begin assembling our roster, which will, of course, culminate with this June's Expansion Draft.

Behind The Vegas Ice visited with director of player personnel Vaughn Karpan, who from inside the team's war room shares some thoughts on how the staff will conduct its Expansion Draft business this June.

"We're going to convene in mid-June," Karpan said. "We're going to get the list of eligible players from each team and that's going to be our shopping list. So we've got a chance to try and maximize our selection and our opportunity with each organization, to build a foundation for our team."

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