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Behind The Vegas Ice Episode 2 Sneak Peek

The episode premieres at 8:00 PM on Wednesday on Cox 96 (1096 in HD)

by Dan Marrazza @GoldenKnights /

When Episode 2 of Behind The Vegas Ice debuts at 8:00 PM on Wednesday (Cox 96/1096 in HD), the action will immediately be picked up during one of the franchise's busiest weeks since its entry into the NHL last June.

In the first week of October, the Golden Knights, before they were even called the Golden Knights, broke ground on the team's practice facility in suburban Summerlin. This occurred within a few days of when the Los Angeles Kings faced both the Dallas Stars and Colorado Avalanche in the first-ever NHL (preseason) games at T-Mobile Arena.

Episode 2 begins in the midst of this action, and then quickly pivots towards the ceremony when the Golden Knights name was unveiled on November 22.

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Behind The Vegas Ice Producer/Writer Jacquie Levy recently shared three things about tonight's episode that we should look forward to.

1. The Naming Of The Franchise

Much of the meat of Episode 2 will focus on the day that the Golden Knights' name and colors were unveiled last November.

That night's festivities were televised nationally in both the U.S. and Canada. So the moments when the public first laid eyes on the team's logo have already been seen by millions of people.

One of the more interesting scenes from Episode 2 takes place hours before the ceremony, as we witness NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman seeing a finished T-Mobile Arena for the first time.

"The NHL Commissioner, Gary Bettman, and some other NHL executives were in town," Levy said. "It was the first time he had been seeing it after the arena had been finished.

"You kind of see a little glimpse into his face when he's seeing T-Mobile Arena finished for the first time, and sitting up there in Hyde Lounge, looking out and picturing himself watching a game from up there. I think he was, as he says and you'll see it in the episode, really blown away by the finished arena.

"Covering an event like this where there were a lot of news crews, we're trying to find ways to give fans access to things that maybe they didn't realize were happening."

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Watch: Youtube Video 


2. The Birth Of A Logo

One of the special things about Vegas' franchise is that it's not like any other team.

Although franchises like the Montreal Canadiens or Chicago Blackhawks certainly have more history, what they don't have, that Behind The Vegas Ice will capture for the Golden Knights, is video coverage of the franchise's formative moments.

Heck, when the Canadiens were founded in 1909, television didn't exist yet.

But with the Golden Knights being founded in such a technologically advanced era, we're able to witness all of the moments, large and small, that will eventually be part of this franchise's history.

Where when it comes to Montreal or Chicago, maybe a few still photographs and stained newspapers are the only remnants remaining from when the team was founded. One hundred years from now, when Vegas is the age of those franchises, there will be live, in-color footage of what it was like when the Golden Knights were born.

In Episode 2, we don't only see the unveiling of the name and logo, but also, before the unveiling, some of the team's staff getting a sneak peek at the finished product.

Which is literally the first moments that the Golden Knights identity was ever exposed eyes other than those of the designers.


Video: Bill Foley on the choosing of team name and logo

3. First Day On The Job

The Golden Knights won't be acquiring players until this June, when the NHL Expansion and Entry Drafts take place.

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However, the team has already been hiring several employees leading up to that date, and Episode 2 captures the first day on the job for one of the most important members of the business team, President Kerry Bubolz.

Something that was interesting that didn't quite make the cut, that fans will find interesting is that the show opens with the groundbreaking ceremony of the practice facility in Summerlin. We had some great soundbites from (team president) Kerry Bubolz.

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"From the team's president Kerry Bubolz, he sounds like he has been part of the process for months and months, but what fans might not realize is, that day of the (practice facility) groundbreaking ceremony was his first day of working with the team.

"He had literally just left the NBA world with the Cleveland Cavaliers and accepted the job. I don't think he had even found a place to live yet, and he was at that practice facility. I think it was so fun to interview him. It's one example of how we're literally capturing this team coming together. Interviewing them the day they got hired.

"What we're able to show here is historical."

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