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Menachem Kurkus (15 janvier, 2012)

par Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens

Age: 16

Ville: Tel aviv, Israel                            
Expliquez-nous comment vous répandez votre passion des Canadiens sur les médias sociaux:

Hi, my name is Menachem Kurkus,  and I’m originally from Montreal, Quebec .
I moved to Israel with my family. Unfortunately you cannot find Habs equipment around here. So what I do is buy stuff on and they ship it to my cousin who ships it to me.
Anyway, I’ve never been to a Habs game but that surely is my dream.
I am a full-season member on NHL gamecentre live and try to catch as many games possible. I also registered to a channel that airs from Montreal to Israel I can't wait to get it installed.
As you see I can't speak well English BUT AS ALWAYS, I SAY
I love my hometown, my team and my childhood from the middle east.


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