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Le défi de Movember entre @CanadiensMTL et @VanCanucks

par Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens

Storified by Canadiens Montréal · Thu, Nov 01 2012 17:50:56

Movember time! How ‘bout a friendly wager @VanCanucks? Us vs. you: losing mascot poses with winner’s jersey? #FinlovesMTL #MoHabsMoCanadiens Montréal
BOOM. We're in. RT @CanadiensMTL: Movember time! How bout a friendly wager @VanCanucks? Us vs you: losing mascot poses with winner’s jersey?Vancouver Canucks
The rules are simple, @jthor099: the team that raises the most money by the end of the month wins! JOIN US: #MoHabsMoCanadiens Montréal
Vous pouvez participer à notre défi avec les @VanCanucks en vous joignant à notre équipe Movember. -> #MoHabsMoCanadiens Montréal
Wow, les @Vancanucks et les @CanadiensMTL qui se lancent un défi en lien avec le Movember! J'ADOREEEEEAlexandra Philibert
great to see my beloved @CanadiensMTL and my distant second fave team @VanCanucks locking horns for Movember. shame there's no Nov 3 game :(Joseph Sapienza
love the east west battle for Movember!!! @VanCanucks @CanadiensMTLBrieann Knorr
@CanadiensMTL Can't wait to see Fin in a Habs Jersey!!!!Shai Reef
love how my @CanadiensMTL and second favourite team @VanCanucks are having a friendly bet for movemberangela
Friendly wager between @VanCanucks and @CanadiensMTL ... Let's go Habs #FinlovesMTL #MoHabsMo #Habs This is going to be interestingMiqdad Amirali
@VanCanucks @canadiensmtl I am do excited to see this. My two teams battle it out on their faces! Lol. #MoHabsMo #MoVanMoMiss Crosbie
GO @CanadiensMTL GO :) Movember entre les @VanCanucks et les Habs via Twitter, j'adore :)) Go Habs <3Danyèle :)
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