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by Anthony SanFilippo / Philadelphia Flyers
The simple notion of the possibility of Shea Weber coming to the Philadelphia Flyers has sent Flyers fans into a state of frenzy.

I asked fans Thursday afternoon what they thought of the team signing Weber to an offer sheet and I was overwhelmed with responses.

Here are some of the best tweets with a comment from me afterward:

TheNamesGreg35: Homer was brilliant in his approach to this. The man will do anything to get this city a Cup. Nothing but the utmost respect.
ASF: To be successful you have to be proactive – typical for the Flyers and Holmgren.

NickTravs: I like it, need that crease clearing young franchise defenseman. Pronger's replacement also gives Bryz more confidence.
ASF: There’s no doubt that a defenseman of Weber’s caliber would make Bryzgalov better. Weber would make any goalie better.

B_Reynolds85: they've done everything they could to get him..if NAS takes it so be it but Weber in orange will truly help L Schenn grow.
ASF: It certainly would take a lot of pressure off Luke Schenn because he would be certain to play against less-skilled lines while continuing his development.

DrewBCohen: super excited, but cautious. People see the word "signed", but they forget it's an offer sheet. This is a long process.
ASF: Good point Drew. Nashville could match this offer, but it’s going to be tough on them. They made $26 million in ticket sales last year and would have to pay Weber more that that between today and next July 1!

Iceman3527: its a good deal. He's the best all-around D in the league. Now he will either be a Flyers or a Pred, not a Pen or [Ranger]
ASF: Very underrated observation. If nothing else, it guarantees he won’t play for any team in the East besides the Flyers for at least one season.

Pbarbano: Its Unreal... Pinch me. Weber can skate, pass, hit, and score. The total package. He's Pronger 2.0. #Flyers #NorrisTrophy
ASF: His game is eerily similar to Pronger.

13Eternal: I have to say that not since June 1992 have I been this excited for a player that might be coming to the Flyers.
ASF: It does have that Lindrosian feel too it, doesn’t it?

LPT322: Even if NSH matches, as a fan you have to love the effort and commitment of mgmt/owner to winning. Homer is a BOSS.
ASF: It’s something you can count on every summer. Like Bar-B-que’s and humidity.

Jimbo712: Classic Homer..Love the calculated bomb he just dropped on Nashville and the rest of the NHL especially in the face of new CBA.
ASF: The Flyers have always been a team that acts now and answers questions later. Even when it involves the league as a whole.

DXFlyers: Love the offer other teams in the East are in fear Healthy Pronger got us a Cup trip Imagine what our O and new D will do now?
ASF: And to be honest, Pronger wasn’t all that healthy in the playoffs in 2010. But yeah, you are right on, the Flyers would immediately become one of the Cup favorites.

PhillySportPhan: he has a 105 mph slapshot, the best playoff beard in hockey & doesn't get suspended for flagrant head shots...I'm thrilled!!!!
ASF: Yes, Yes and… um… well.. Shanahan didn’t think it was flagrant!

JiminAC: This is just slightly more exciting then the sixers signing Royal Ivey and Kwame Brown...
ASF: No comment!

I think he should buy me a car with all that money!!
ASF: Hey Takeaname, take a number!
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