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by Staff Writer / Philadelphia Flyers
Congratulations to the lucky Season Ticket Holders featured below!

Jack Frost Big Boulder Getaway:
James Weber

Flyers Gift Pack:
Timothy Molchany
Ed Smith
Erin O’Brien
Brett J. Studner
Tom Sunderland
Matthew Martelli
James Baird
Mark Mingey
John Yost
Thomas Malarick
Michael Mitsdarfer
George Dainoff
Joe Quather
Sheila Thoder
Joseph Petrongolo
Chris Vogler
Gina Carducci
Michele Army
Ralph DiGiovanni
Mark Cushing
Michael Casey
Edward Lindner
Frank De Lucca
Marco Arnone
John McGeehan

Goalie Pack:
Renee Berger
David Alleva

Signed Ron Hextall Photo:
Chris McAllister
Jeff Orleans
Robert Pendry
Dale Rimmer
Russell Taddei
Catherine Kelly Mulgrew
John Mulvihil
David O’Brien
Jennifer Racine
Denise Conn
Deborah Baratz
William Loges
Nick Pugliese
Warren Vaughn
John Young
Carole Britchkow
Scott Darling
Jonathan Ireland
Jim LaMont
Ron Parkhill
William Sherlock
Gerald Tobin
Carl Baccellieri
John Colgan

Home Theater:
Fred Dewey

Olympic Jersey:
Brent Blanchard
Alysia Sforza

$50 Stored Value:
Denise Urbans Hader
Bernadette Kulik
Lynnette Cashman
Steven Kalodner
Chris Alonzo
Eric Smith
Michael Haas
Sonia Fitzpatrick
Joseph Morwald
Frank Egan
Karen Daly
Andrew Logue
Frank Mallory
Harvey Werkstell
Michael Miles
Denise Brown
Bill Kelly
Bob Doran
Bradley Cooper
Christopher Wendel
David Compari
Eric Polanik
Elyn Rubin
Donald Iannace
Dennis Yankosky 

If your name is included above, please stop by the Prize Station, behind section 101, to pick up your gift.

If you are a winner and are not in attendance, your Flyers Representative will be in contact to coordinate your prize pick up. You can also contact Flyers Customer Service at 215-218-4FAN(4326) or to coordinate your prize pick up.

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